Ever wanted to get an inside look at IVP or those we partner with? Check out these podcasts and blogs to stay up to date on what's happening in the church, the academy, publishing, and Christian life. Whether you prefer to listen or read, you'll learn new things from a variety of authors, experts, and thought leaders.

The Every Voice Now Podcast

Hosted by IVP’s Maila Kim and IVP author Ed Gilbreath, The Every Voice Now Podcast features interviews with recent and forthcoming authors of color who share their journeys to publication and the roadblocks they had to navigate along the way in an industry that still remains overwhelmingly white. Guests have included Juanita Rasmus, Robert Chao Romero, Chandra Crane, and more.

The Disrupters Podcast

Produced by IVP, The Disrupters podcast focuses on a specific disruption in the church and how that issue will reshape the church’s culture and its witness. Host (and IVP author) Esau McCaulley has spoken with guests such as Tish Harrison Warren, Jemar Tisby, Beth Moore, Lecrae, and more.

Get in The Word with Truth's Table Podcast

Want to experience the entire Bible in just fifteen minutes a day for one year? Get in The Word with Truth's Table is a daily Bible podcast from IVP featuring two cohosts of the popular Truth's Table podcast—Christina Edmondson and Ekemini Uwan—who narrate the entire Bible and offer daily prayers over the course of a year.

Enneagram Today

Enneagram Today is a website that curates Enneagram content for Christians in all walks of life and at every step of the spiritual journey. Representing many denominational and faith perspectives within Christianity, this site offers Christians a variety of Enneagram resources like books, podcasts, teachers, merchandise, and more.

The Blog of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

The Blog of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, IVP's partner ministry, publishes articles that touch on various aspects of contemporary life and ministry. Contributors write on topics such as evangelism, justice, missions, and multiethnicity.

Andy Unedited

Andy Unedited is by writer and editor Andrew T. Le Peau. You may know Andy as former associate publisher for editorial for InterVarsity Press, where he worked for over forty years. In his blog he explores the world of books, publishing, ideas, writing, history, editing, leadership, scholarship, and life.

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