Ever wanted to get an inside look at InterVarsity Press or InterVarsity Christian Fellowship? These blogs take you behind the scenes on the latest news, trends, and issues surrounding our work.

Behind the Books

Behind the Books

We at InterVarsity Press want to give you an inside look at our publishing process, upcoming books, noteworthy authors, and issues that impact the publishing industry at large. Behind the Books is our new and improved blog to give you that sneak peek! We will be posting new content several times per month, and you'll hear from a variety of IVP employees in many different roles. From sales to editorial to creative, we want to take you along for the ride as we navigate changes in our culture and industry in order to publish great books for the university, the church, and the world.

Andy Unedited

Andy Unedited is by writer and editor Andrew T. Le Peau. You may know Andy as former associate publisher for editorial for InterVarsity Press, where he worked for over forty years. In his blog he explores the world of books, publishing, ideas, writing, history, editing, leadership, scholarship, and life.

The Blog of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

The Blog of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, IVP's partner ministry, publishes articles that touch on various aspects of contemporary life and ministry. Contributors write on topics such as evangelism, justice, missions, and multiethnicity.