Ordering at ivpress.com

Canadian customers can order IVP books directly through ivpress.com. You can purchase both print books to be shipped as well as ebooks for immediate download. For print purchases, international shipping rates apply, and shipping times may vary. If you receive a message indicating that a book you're trying to order isn't available at ivpress.com, you'll need to check with our distributors in your country.

Ordering through Our Canadian Distributor

IVP uses Parasource Marketing and Distribution Ltd. as our distributor in Canada. Ordering through a distributor means lower shipping costs and faster delivery time.

Parasource Marketing and Distribution Ltd.
P.O. Box 98, 55 Woodslee Ave.
Paris, Ontario, N3L 3E5
Telephone: 800.263.2664
Fax: 519.442.1303
Email: custserv@parasource.com

Parasource Marketing and Distribution Ltd. also recommends these Canadian booksellers for print purchases:

 Our distributors for ebooks in Canada include:

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For more information regarding IVP sales worldwide, visit our International Customers page.