Health-Care Ethics

Health-Care Ethics

A Comprehensive Christian Resource

by James R. Thobaben

Health-Care Ethics
  • Length: 428 pages
  • Published: September 15, 2009
  •  Discontinued
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-2673-5
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Founded on in-depth biblical studies and perceptive theological perspective, James Thobaben's book has given us a comprehensive treatment of the myriad ethical issues involved in health care. He addresses topics such as

  • the nature of evangelical faith
  • understanding illness
  • family caring
  • the role of health-care providers
  • institutional considerations
  • ethical issues related to reproduction
  • death and dying

Thobaben guides us into the realm of ethical discernment and decision-making by grasping the interconnections between health care in its various dimensions with the whole of true Christian living. If you are a student or pastor, or serving in the health-care professions, this monumental resource is for you.

"In this book, Jim Thobaben offers even more than the title promises. This book is not just a comprehensive Christian resource on health-care ethics, but is instead a primer in theological anthropology that then leads to profound reflections on bioethics. The book is rich at every level--biblically, theologically, philosophically and ecclesiologically. Thobaben demonstrates wide reading, mastery of a great breadth of material and precision in argumentation. One does not have to agree with every argument made in this substantial book to appreciate its significance. With this book, Jim Thobaben has established himself as a major evangelical voice in theological bioethics."

Dr. David P. Gushee, Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics, Mercer University

"Dr. Jim Thobaben has done a masterful job of weaving together a tapestry of threads including ethical analysis, theology, biblical studies and moral practice. Health-Care Ethics has been written by a master teacher and practitioner resulting in a text that is not only engaging but pertinent to the lives of those who read it."

James W. Holsinger Jr., Wethington Endowed Chair in the Health Sciences, University of Kentucky

"The bioethics that James Thobaben insightfully presents here is both incarnational and missional--ideas commonly found in the church but rarely in bioethics. He helps the reader see what engaging various bioethical challenges looks like--not in some theoretical way far from the nitty-gritty of everyday private and professional life, but in the lived experience of evangelical believers committed to being personally and communally faithful to their God. He goes on to show that such incarnational faithfulness is not something that properly focuses only in-house, within the church, but necessarily reaches out to join with the wider human community in the task of learning and living what it means to be human. Many will begin reading this book simply because of the unusually wide range of bioethical issues it addresses. They will finish it not merely much better informed bioethically, but also inspired to put their deepest convictions and values to work on the great bioethical challenges of today and tomorrow."

John F. Kilner, director, Bioethics Program, and Forman Chair of Ethics and Theology, Trinity International University

"Jim Thobaben has provided a valuable resource for helping readers reflect on Scripture and think about the myriad moral dimensions of health care from the perspective of Christian faith. In a society where many of our definitions of 'good life' are mediated through biotechnologies and what we can do, Thobaben helps us sort through options for more faithful responsibilities and responses in order to understand what we should do to embody the gospel of Christ and serve the holistic needs of humanity. This is a very timely book for classrooms and congregations given the importance of bioethics and in light of our current social debates."

Dr. Wyndy Corbin Reuschling, professor of ethics and theology, Ashland Theological Seminary

"Dr. Thobaben's book offers keen insight into the complex bioethical issues facing our culture and our church. His work adds richly to our conversations about healing, death and eternal life."

Bishop Lindsey Davis, Louisville Episcopal Area, United Methodist Church

"A comprehensive discussion of health-care issues from an intentionally evangelical perspective."

Ruth Groenhout, Calvin Theological Journal, November 2010


Part One: The Theological and Ethical Nature of Evangelical Faith
1 Evangelicals in the World
2 Evangelicalism as a Historical Movement
3 Knowing Ethically: An Evangelical Christian Moral Epistomology
Part Two: Characteristics of Humanity and Bioethical Debates
4 Theodicy and Healing
Humans as Disordered
5 Moral Anthropology for Bioethics
Humans as Distinctly Human
6 Moral Identification and Disability
Humans as Unique Humans
7 Sickness and Being Sick
Humans as Vulnerable
8 Family and Congregational Caring
Humans as Familial
9 Professionals and Truthfulness
Humans as Professing
10 Managing Care and Serving Needs
Humans as Organizers
11 Societal Membership and Rights
Humans as Citizens
12 The Body of Believers and the Public's Health
Humans as Public
13 Moral Agency and End-of-Life Decisions
Humans as Free
14 Assisted Reproduction and Sexuality
Humans as Male and Female
15 Biotechnology and Eugenics
Humans as Creators
16 Gift Giving and Receiving
Humans as Donors
17 Death and the Christian
Humans as Finite
Author Index
Subject Index
Scripture Index

James R. Thobaben (M.Div., Yale Divinity School; M.P.H., Yale Medical School; Ph.D., Emory University) is professor of church in society at Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky.

BY James R. Thobaben