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Numbers 20:28: Where Did Aaron Die?

Numbers 20:28, as well as Numbers 33:38-39, indicates that Aaron died on Mount Hor. Deuteronomy 10:6, however, seems to locate Aaron's death at Moserah. Furthermore, if we follow the sequence of places in Numbers 33:30-33, it does not fit the journey schedule listed just before the death of Aaron given in Deuteronomy 10:6 or Numbers 20:28 and 33:38-39. Which is correct, and how did the error, if that is what it is, creep into the text?

The sequence of the camping sites on the wilderness journey in Numbers 33:30-33 is different from the sequence of Deuteronomy 10:6-9. Numbers 33:31-33 has Moseroth and Bene Jaakan, Haggidgad and Jotbathah. But this was an earlier journey than the later journey back to Kadesh mentioned in Numbers 33:37. It would appear that Israel left Kadesh and traveled toward Edom and then returned to Kadesh before starting on their last trip around Edom up into the plains of Moab.

The best solution that can be posed to this problem so far is that Moserah is probably a larger area that included Mount Hor. Thus it would be quite correct to declare that Aaron's death was either on Mount Hor (Num 20:22-29; 33:38-39; Deut 32:50) or Moserah (Deut 10:6).

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