Flirting with Monasticism

Flirting with Monasticism

Finding God on Ancient Paths

by Karen Sloan
Foreword by John Ortberg

Flirting with Monasticism
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  • Published: December 02, 2006
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This is a love story.

Girl meets boy. Boy joins a monastic order. Their relationship sets a young woman on a much different path than she ever imagined.

Woven together in Karen Sloan's Flirting with Monasticism are two stories of love and commitment: her exploration of monastic spirituality set against the yearlong journey of a novice class of men preparing to join the Dominican order. Each breathlessly confusing but ultimately fulfilling step leads to unexpected treasures: new ways to pray, a deeper experience of Christian community, and closer communion with God.

"As Karen Sloan takes us into the hallowed hallways of a Catholic Dominican community through the hallowed hallways of her own seeking heart, she unearths priceless treasures from our ancient Christian past. Flirting with Monasticism is a wonderful guidebook that calls us to be rooted in our own traditions and open to the God who expands our hearts and minds, and leads us through uncharted terrain toward fullness of life."

Beth Slevcove, Spiritual Director, Youth Specialties

"I have never read a gentler, more fully human or more candid story about the intersection of evangelical and Catholic ways of being the body of Christ on earth. Our tradition would be well served if there were more such stories and such Christian candor."

Phyllis Tickle, compiler of The Divine Hours

"Karen Sloan is an emerging leader whose honest voice, thoughtful insight, personal vulnerability and theological generosity deserve respect and careful attention. Many sincere followers of Christ will, like me, feel a deep resonance as they read Karen's story of coming of age in the context of passionate spiritual aspiration."

Brian McLaren, author/speaker (

Yet for its occasional humor and playful title, Flirting With Monasticism is respectfully written with a true intrigue and appreciation for monastic worship. . . .Come highly recommended for those seeking to learn more about a monastic lifestyle. Offers the eyes of a Presbyterian pastor, through which evangelicals are invited to observe the more intriguing aspects of Catholicism they might otherwise dismiss as stuffy religious tradition. Best of all, this helpful information is wrapped up in a bit of a love story that reminds us how a life of faith is both a discipline and a matter of the heart.

Shannon Whiting,, January 2008

The book is a wonderful tale of one woman's love for a man and her subsequent romane with monastic spirituality. Alternating between explanations of monastic life and her unfolding romance with Fran (Brother Emmanuel), Karen E. Sloan draws the reader in with knowledge and emotion.

C. E. Moore, The Christian Manifesto, January 28, 2008

Absolutely fascinating and definitely a springboard to cause me to want to learn more.

Phyllis Tickle for Young Ladies Christian Fellowship (online), December 10, 2007

This book is highly recommended to Catholics and non-Catholics who want to learn something about the Dominicans and the Liturgy of the Hours.

Br. Benet Exton, OSB,, 2007


Foreword by John Ortberg
Preface: Flirting
1. Finding God on Ancient and Not-So-Ancient Paths
2. Vestition: Receiving the Habit
3. The Liturgy of the Office: Praying the Divine Hours
4. In the Presence of Christ: Participating in Adoration and the Eucharist
5. Encountering Mary: Saying the Rosary
6. Community: Living Together Constantly
7. The Communion of Saints: Living in a Visual History
8. First Profession of Vows: Making Commitments
Epilogue: It's Not a Program
Appendix A: Interview with Sister Antoniana of the Sisters of Life
Appendix B: The Rule of St. Augustine

Karen Sloan

Karen Sloan has spent the past few years exploring the Dominican order and monastic life—a story she recounts in the her book Flirting with Monasticism: Finding God on Ancient Paths. As a minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA), Karen often hosts conversations about monastic life and leads groups in ancient practices like the Liturgy of the Hours.