Finding Favor

Finding Favor

God's Blessings Beyond Health, Wealth, and Happiness

by Brian Jones

Finding Favor
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  • Published: April 17, 2018
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Why settle for success when you can have God's favor?

Deep down everyone wants God’s best for their lives—also known as God's favor. Unfortunately, most of the time we don't feel "favored" when we're being "blessed." It takes perspective to recognize what's going on. God often uses confusing, painful, and counterintuitive measures to bring us his best in our lives. God is always working for our good, even though we may not recognize it at the time.

We want immediate success and easy positive results. God wants long-term transformation. Pastor Brian Jones weaves together stories and Scripture to help readers find God's favor in their own lives.

"In Finding Favor, Brian Jones uncovers a treasure trove of God's favor for his people. Sometimes we wonder if God really wants to give us his favor—his supernatural intervention bringing blessing into our lives. But Brian makes sure we know that closed doors and sweeping floors—and a host of other things—are all in the realm of God's favor for us. Friends, do yourself a favor and read this book."

Kyle Idleman, author of Not a Fan and Grace is Greater

"You've prayed for God's blessings. But what are you really asking for? How does God really bless us? In this eye-opening book, Brian Jones shares the answer in his engaging, straightforward, and incredibly practical style. It's a must-read for anyone wanting God's favor."

Vince Antonucci, pastor of Verve Church and author of God for the Rest of Us

"Do you want God's favor? I'm sure you do, because we all do. But none of us desires the struggle or pain that's experienced along the way. In Finding Favor Brian Jones helps us understand that God longs to give us his favor, but not before he makes us take a long hard look at ourselves."

Caleb Kaltenbach, author of Messy Grace and God of Tomorrow

"I'm old enough to be able to look back at a significant portion of my life and see the favor of God. One thing is obvious—it was not at all how I thought it would be. In Finding Favor Brian will help you to understand that the key word in the term 'favor of God' is 'God.' It's an excellent look at how God blesses us in ways that are best for us rather than just writing us a check. We all desire our Father's favor. Brian will help you understand it."

Tim Harlow, senior pastor, Parkview Christian Church, Orland Park, Illinois

"In thirty years of ministry, I’ve been enthralled by the glorious, unmerited favor of God that I’ve seen on display in the lives of countless saints. In those same thirty years, I’ve also been undone by the sorrows and sufferings of the beloved. Can the people of God face trouble in the world and still know themselves to be highly favored? Brian Jones’s Finding Favor convincingly, winsomely cries, yes! In Jones’s inspirational new work, readers discover themselves highly favored in Christ whether on the mountaintop or in the valley."

Alan D. Wright, senior pastor of Reynolda Church, Winston-Salem, NC, and author of Free Yourself, Be Yourself


1. God's Favor
2. Involuntary Perseverance
3. Holy Discontent
4. Intentional Obscurity
5. Supernatural Provision
6. Bodily Affliction
7. Interpersonal Intervention
8. Redemptive Poverty
9. Divine Confirmation
10. Strategic Failure

Brian Jones

Brian Jones is the founding senior pastor of Christ's Church of the Valley, an innovative multi-site church of more than two thousand in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He's a graduate of Cincinnati Christian University (BA) and Princeton Theological Seminary (MDiv). The author of four books, Brian also writes practical articles on following Jesus at and articles on leadership and preaching at