Exploring Topics in Christianity Series

Exploring Topics in Christianity includes two volumes: Exploring the Religion of Ancient Israel and Exploring Christian Doctrine.

In Exploring the Religion of Ancient Israel Aaron Chalmers gives students a unique introduction to the religious and social world of ancient Israel. The first part explores the major religious offices mentioned in the Old Testament, including prophets, priests, sages and kings. As well as considering what these key people said and did, the author traces the process through which one became recognized as a prophet, priest or sage, and where each of these offices were located in ancient Israel. The second part of the book focuses on the beliefs and practices of the common people—the group that made up the majority of ancient Israel's population.

Exploring Christian Doctrine by Tony Lane is a reliable and highly readable textbook that provides comprehensive coverage of core Christian beliefs. Based on the author's introductory Christian doctrine course, the book rests firmly on biblical foundations while providing a balanced discussion of areas where evangelicals disagree. The text includes essay topics and further reading suggestions.

Exploring Topics in Christianity Series
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