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  • Published: November 02, 2006
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Mass murders, pedophiles, terrorism, earthquakes, disease. It's not good enough, says Tom Wright, to say that if we all try a little harder we can create a perfect world. This is the world in which evil can and does take over individuals, institutions and sometimes whole nations.

Filmed in Israel, South Africa and England, Evil confronts some of the major issues of our time, from the Christmas Tsunami to the African AIDS pandemic, from the Iraq war and 9/11 to the murky world of violence and sexual exploitation, and puts them under the biblical spotlight. In this 50-minute film, a companion to Wright's book Evil and the Justice of God, explores with Desmond Tutu in South Africa the potential for defeating evil. There is a solution to the problem of evil, he says, if only we have the honesty and the courage to name it and understand it for what it is.


1. Introduction--What is Evil? (9:20)
2. Old Testament Perspectives on Evil (16:50)
3. New Testament Perspectives on Evil (10:30)
4. What Can We Do About Evil? (12:30)

N. T. Wright

N. T. Wright is a prolific author, respected theologian, and former church minister. His books include Simply Christian, The Challenge of Jesus, and the N. T. Wright For Everyone Bible Study Guides.

BY N. T. Wright