Season 1, Episode 2 (39 minutes)

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Fusion may be hip in 2020, but it wasn’t the case when Chandra Crane was growing up, where she felt the pain of not quite fitting in anywhere as a person with a mixed-ethnicity heritage. The daughter of a white mother and Thai birth father who was then adopted and raised by an African-American dad, Chandra experienced the pain of marginalization but then followed the call of God to write about her challenges so that others would benefit. In this honest, refreshing conversation, Chandra opens the door to understanding the mixed blessing of being a multiethnic person, and why a unique voice like hers needs to be reflected in the church today.

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Maila Kim

Maila Kim, Co-Host

Maila is a marketing manager at IVP; she holds a B.A. in English Language & Literature and a B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Michigan, and an M.A. in Christian Formation & Ministry with a concentration in Bible & Theology from Wheaton College Graduate School. She enjoys photography, growing and caring for her plants, and listening to podcasts such as This American Life, Invisibilia, and Unlocking Us. Follow Maila on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Ed Gilbreath

Ed Gilbreath, Co-Host

Formerly an editor at IVP, Ed is currently an executive leader at Christianity Today; he earned his bachelor’s in communication arts from Judson University and a master’s in philosophy of history from Olivet Nazarene University. He is also the author of two IVP books: Reconciliation Blues and Birmingham Revolution. Ed loves listening to an eclectic mix of music, reading narrative nonfiction books on American history and pop culture, and taking long walks while listening to podcasts such as NPR’s How I Built This, The Daily, Pass the Mic, and CT’s Quick to Listen. Follow Ed on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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