Drama for Real Life

Drama for Real Life

16 Scripts About the Choices That Shape Us


by Steven James

Drama for Real Life
  • Length: 128 pages
  • Published: January 18, 2006
  •  Discontinued
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-3341-2
  • Item Code: 3341
  • Case Quantity: 54

Emerging drama ministries face a daunting challenge: to give voice to the unvoiced anxieties and uncertainties of people coming of age in a complex world. These feelings and doubts are difficult to express in words, but they can be sketched out in the action and tension of drama.

  • Love and Marriage
  • Job and Vocation
  • Faith and Doubt
  • Morality and Ethics
  • Temptation and Desire
  • Life and Death

These are the challenges we face in the crossroads of our lives. You won't find answers in the sketches that portray them (leave that to the preachers), but you will find truth.

An award-winning storyteller and accomplished author, Steven James presents sixteen scripts for use by drama ministries in church or on campus. Designed for ease of use, Drama for Real Life features

  • simple settings--easy to manage for beginning directors
  • no more than five actors per sketch--easy to cast
  • time frames less than ten minutes each--easy to fit within a worship setting
  • insights geared toward directors, writers and actors

With pastoral sensitivity and artful authenticity, Drama for Real Life shows us what truth looks like in the real world.

"It was a refreshing pleasure reading the scripts written by Steven James: refreshing to see a 'real life in real words' approach in the scripts, and a pleasure to see the author break out of the normal predictability in Christian drama scripts."

John Alexander, DramaShare Christian Drama Resources

"I've always known Steven James to be a brilliant storyteller who has a deft touch at bringing Bible truths to life through his writing. This collection, however, also shows that he has a clear comprehension of the stage and the power of drama to bring transformation by making an emotional connection with his audience through his writing. His scripts are insightful, thought-provoking and relevant."

Jeff Smith, Christian Dramatist

"Drama for Real Life is a welcome addition to my list of recommended resources for church drama ministry! Steven James's writing is creative and original. He is one writer who understands how to best use drama in the context of worship. I especially appreciated the extra effort he has put into making the dramas 'user friendly.' I look forward to more from this talented writer!"

Chuck Neighbors, Actor and Playwright

These dramas are simply delightful, thoughtful, provoking and sometimes amusing. The target audience is youthful; see this performed by a Christian teen acting troupe, club or group. I would highly recommend this book for teen discussion groups and beginning theatre students. The author is obviously a veteran of youth group ministry as he has included all the details required for a smooth performance.

Kate O'Mara, Eclectic Homeschool Online, April 2, 2007, http://eclectichomeschool.org/reviews/individual_review2.asp?revid=2447


Part One: Beliefs
1. Not What I Expected
2. The Commentator
3. Astray
4. Being Human
Part Two: Behavior
5. Cravings
6. Virgo
7. Love Thy Neighbor
8. No Trespassing
Part Three: Relationships
9. Welcome to MAG ONE
10. The Phone Call
12. Apology Accepted
Part Four: Portraits
13. The Kingdom
14. Bigger Barns
15. The Fire Within
16. Ripples in the Divine Sea
Appendix 1: Checklist for Strong Church Dramas
Appendix 2: Hints for Actors
Appendix 3: Suggested Segues
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Topical Index
Scripture Index

Steven James is an innovative storyteller and popular conference speaker, appearing weekly at conferences, churches, schools and other special events across the United States. He earned his master's degree in storytelling, and now also trains educators on creative communication techniques. During 2003, James earned Storytelling World Honor Awards for the story "Twinkle Little Star" and for the book The Creative Storytelling Guide for Children's Ministry. He is the author of more than a dozen books and more than 500 articles, scripts and stories that have appeared in more than 75 different anthologies and magazines. He has been published in Brio, Breakaway, Go, With, Insight, The Conqueror, Campus Life, Guideposts for Teens, YouthWalk, Zelos and others. He is currently a contributing editor for With: The Magazine for Radical Christian Youth.

BY Steven James