Dictionary of Mission Theology

Dictionary of Mission Theology

Evangelical Foundations

Edited by John Corrie
Consulting Editor Samuel Escobar and Wilbert R. Shenk
Associate Editor Juan F. Martinez and Simon Chan

Dictionary of Mission Theology
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  • Published: November 23, 2007
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In recent decades mission theology has quietly undergone a remarkable reorientation. No longer the exclusive enterprise of the West, like the global Internet, Christian mission has become decentralized. While places such as Pasadena, Wheaton and New Haven still represent important nodes of mission thinking in the United States, these are now part of a network that includes locations such as Nairobi, Manila and São Paulo. Christian mission now radiates from everywhere to everywhere, and mission theology has been enriched and shaped by this new reality.

The Dictionary of Mission Theology is the first reference book of its kind to reflect this new world of mission. With the majority of its 160-plus articles written by contributors from the Majority World, it reflects a variety of global contexts. The missiological implications of central Christian doctrines are explored, and a range of new perspectives are highlighted and weighed. Along with affirmations of time-tested foundations, one will find here original contributions to missiological thought, challenges to traditional views of mission, and an invitation to creatively integrate evangelism, liberation, healing and justice.

More than simply a look-it-up reference work, the Dictionary of Mission Theology is a handbook for church leaders and missionaries, and a textbook for teachers and students of mission theology worldwide. In every context where Christian mission is learned and practiced, the Dictionary of Mission Theology will set a new benchmark for mission theology.

"The Dictionary of Mission Theology has been eagerly awaited. Now that it has arrived it exceeds all expectations. Comprehensive, scholarly and relevant, it promises quickly to become an essential volume for anyone interested in the study of missions. A must-have!"

Mike Wall, Executive Director, All Nations Christian College, England

"I am delighted to welcome the long-awaited birth of this unique publication. John Corrie and team give the worldwide church a robust gift. Its unique contribution comes from its focus and its writers--a global vision for its topics and a global team of gifted writers. Such resources announce the full arrival of two new 'selfs'--self-missiologizing and self-theologizing--to the original three--self-governing, self-supporting and self-propagating. This carefully crafted resource will enrich the church and its leadership in both the Global North and Global South, whether in academia, the local church, mission structures or as grass roots mission practitioners."

William D. Taylor, Global Ambassador, World Evangelical Alliance

"Almost all sections of the church today profess to make mission a priority, but the meaning and objectives of Christian mission are hotly contested as never before. Evangelicals have been distinctive in their insistence that the call to conversion to Christ lies at the heart of mission, but too often their mission practice has been shaped more by unthinking cultural assumptions or the norms of the business world than by profound theological reflection. The Dictionary of Mission Theology will be strategic in impelling evangelicals towards a deeper, broader and more authentically biblical understanding of the mission of God. It will also be an invaluable resource for Christians of many traditions who are concerned to root their approach to mission in the witness of Scripture."

Brian Stanley, University of Cambridge

"This volume is a useful resource for those of us engaged in God's worldwide mission."

Andy Lines, General Secretary, Crosslinks

"This volume makes a valuable contribution to understanding world Christianity . . . [it] enables readers to see Christianity in its broader context, developing awareness beyond their own cultural experiences. While these articles are well written, easy to read, and suitable for the target audience, academic integrity is not compromised."

Bill Weber, SCJ, Spring 2009

"A fine survey of recent developments in mission and theology and of open-minded evangelical international reflection on them. It combines accurate surveys, summaries of various devates, fresh approaches and insights."

Christoph Stenschke, Book Reviews: Missionalia, April 2009

"The publication of this dictionary by IVP is right on time to meet the current challenges of mission studies. . .Useful as a tool to introduce oneself to the changing phase of mission theology from the 20th Century to the early 21st Century."

Felix Chung, New Life, November 2008

"A beautifully procuded volume that must be on all our shelves."

John Vincent, Missiology

"This book deserves a place in any library."

Anthony J. Fittins, CSSp, March 2009

"A useful 'one-stop' book for introducing major topics and themes of modern missiology from a broadly evangelical perspective."

Andrew Curry, Themelios (thegospelcoalition.org), Issue 33-3

"This is a solid and scholarly dictionary as befits a well-known and respected publisher."

Rev. Graham P. Cornish, Reference Reviews, Vol. 22 No. 5 2008

"The inclusion of social issues such as AIDS, poverty, and racism, along with the discussion of other religions and groups--with a view toward interaction and understand--illustrates the widening parameters of evangelical missions beyond their traditional boundaries."

F. Arriola in CHOICE, June 2008


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John Corrie teaches mission studies at Trinity College, Bristol, United Kingdom.