Darwin's Nemesis

Darwin's Nemesis

Phillip Johnson and the Intelligent Design Movement

Edited by William A. Dembski
Foreword by Rick Santorum

Darwin's Nemesis
  • Length: 357 pages
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  • Published: March 22, 2006
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With the publication of Darwin on Trial in 1991, Cal Berkeley legal scholar Phillip Johnson became the leading figure in the intelligent design movement. Exposing and calling into question the philosophical foundations of Darwinism, Johnson led the charge against this largely unquestioned philosophy of materialistic reductionism and its purported basis in scientific research.

This book reviews and celebrates the life and thought of Phillip Johnson and the movement for which he has served as chief architect. Editor William A. Dembski presents eighteen essays by those who have known and worked with Johnson for more than a decade. They provide personal and in-depth insight into the man, his convictions and his leadership of the intellectual movement that called into question the hegemony of Darwinian theory.

Contributors include:

  • Stephen Meyer
  • Michael Behe
  • Jay Wesley Richards
  • Thomas Woodward
  • Francis Beckwith
  • Timothy Standish
  • David Berlinski
  • Michael Ruse
  • David Keller
  • Jonathan Wells
  • Scott Minnich
  • Nancy Pearcey
  • Jay Budziszewski
  • Marcus Ross
  • Paul Nelson
  • Henry Schaefer III
  • Wesley Allen
  • Walter Bradley
  • Phillip E. Johnson

The high quality of essays collected here announces that ID will not disappear anytime soon. In the meanwhile, those interested in gaining "insider" perspectives on the ID movement can do no better than to consult this book.

Amos Young, Religious Studies Review, April 2007

This book is a fine testimony to the human quest for truth. I recommend this book both to friends and critics of ID.

Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, September 2007

"These essays reveal [Johnson] as an influential strategist and mentor within the ID movement."

Publishers Weekly, February 13, 2006


Foreword by Senator Rick Santorum
Preface by William A. Dembski
Introduction: A Mythic Life

Part I: Portraits of the Man and His Work
1. Your Witness, Mr. Johnson: A Retrospective Review of Darwin on Trial
2. From Muttering to Mayhem: How Phillip Johnson Got Me Moving
3. How Phil Johnson Changed My Mind
4. Putting Darwin on Trial: Phillip Johnson Transforms the Evolutionary Narrative

Part II: The Wedge and Its Despisers
5. Dealing with the Backlash Against Intelligent Design
6. It's the Epistemology, Stupid! Science, Public Schools and What Counts as Knowledge
7. Cutting Both Ways: The Challenge Posed by Intelligent Design to Traditional Christian Education

Part III: Two Friendly Critics
8. Two Fables by Jorge Luis Borges
9. Darwinism and the Problem of Evil

Part IV: Johnson's Revolution in Biology
10. The Wedge of Truth Visits the Laboratory
11. Common Ancestry on Trial
12. The Origin of Biological Information and the Higher Taxonomic Categories
13. Genetic Analysis of Coordinate Flagellar and Type III Regulatory Circuits in Pathogenic Bacteria

Part V: Ever-Increasing Spheres of Influence
14. Design and the Recovery of Truth
15. Phillip Johnson Was Right: The Rivalry of Naturalism and Natural Law
16. A Taxonomy of Teleology: Phillip Johnson, the Intelligent Design Community and Young-Earth Creationism
17. Complexity, Chaos and God

Part VI: Epilogue
18. Phillip Johnson and the Intelligent Design Movement: Looking Back and Looking Forward
19. The Final Word


William A. Dembski

William A. Dembski (PhD, mathematics, University of Chicago; PhD, philosophy, University of Illinois at Chicago) is senior fellow of the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture. He has previously taught at Northwestern University, the University of Notre Dame, and the University of Dallas. He has done postdoctoral work in mathematics at MIT, in physics at the University of Chicago, and in computer science at Princeton University, and he has been a National Science Foundation doctoral and postdoctoral fellow.

Dembski has written numerous scholarly articles and is the author of the critically acclaimed The Design Inference (Cambridge), Intelligent Design (InterVarsity Press), and No Free Lunch: Why Specified Complexity Cannot Be Purchased without Intelligence (Rowman and Littlefield).

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