These daily online studies are adapted from our Quiet Time Bible Guide. The studies go through the Old and New Testaments in just over two years. The approach taken by our quiet time Bible studies does not include answers. The goal of the study is to help you dig into Scripture for yourself. You can go deeper using a commentary, Bible background guide or Bible handbook.

Jeremiah 50:1-20: Babylon Shouldn't Gloat

For more context before you begin studying, read this introduction to the book of Jeremiah.

"It was bad enough that I fell down flat on the ice," said our friend who was just learning to ice skate, "but then this little kid skated around me in a circle and asked, 'Are you all right?'" At humiliating times like those, we need somebody to take our side and literally pick us up. When we've fallen on our faces and it feels like evil is gloating over good, God yearns jealously for us and does not forget us.

Warming Up to God

Recall a time you felt defeated. How did the Lord show you he still cared?

Read Jeremiah 50:1-20

Discovering the Word

  • What is going to happen to Babylon (vv. 1-3, 9-10, 14-16, 18)?
  • When God comes to their rescue, how will Israel respond (vv. 4-5)?
  • How had Babylon gotten the upper hand (vv. 6-7)?
  • Why is God so angry with Babylon (vv. 11-15)?
  • How will God vindicate Israel (v. 20)?

Applying the Word

  • What are some ways that you feel wrong is triumphing over right?
  • In what areas are you tempted to gloat over others who have fallen?

Responding in Prayer

Commit to the Lord any situations where you feel wrong is gloating over right. Confess any ways that you gloat over others. Thank the Lord that even in failure he remembers and cares for you.