These daily online studies are adapted from our Quiet Time Bible Guide. The studies go through the Old and New Testaments in just over two years. The approach taken by our quiet time Bible studies does not include answers. The goal of the study is to help you dig into Scripture for yourself. You can go deeper using a commentary, Bible background guide or Bible handbook.

Esther 2: Trusting God's Work

For more context before you begin studying, read this introduction to the book of Esther.

The most important person in a play is not on the stage. The director is the one who has instructed the cast for months before on where to stand and sit and when and how to say a line. The director is behind the scenes giving final instructions, touching up makeup and encouraging the players—orchestrating every detail.

In the book of Esther God is not mentioned, but he is the key figure in the story. He works through the circumstances to place everything in order so that his plans will be accomplished. God is the director of our lives as well. As we look back at different times in our lives, we can see his handprints all over. Our response to him is to look for his hand moving and to trust his direction.

Warming Up to God

Recall a time in your past when you saw God work through circumstances in your life to bring something about. Allow your praise for God's good work to well up in response.

Read Esther 2

Discovering the Word

  • Summarize the plan to find a new queen that King Xerxes put into action (vv. 1-4).
  • How does Esther enter the story and become the queen (vv. 5-17)?
  • It is mentioned three times that Esther won approval in someone's eyes (vv. 9, 15, 17). What does this tell us about Esther?
  • How does Mordecai enter into the plot of the story (vv. 19-23)?
  • Even though God has not been directly mentioned in the book, where do you see his hand moving in the story so far?

Applying the Word

  • Where do you see God's hand moving in circumstances in your life right now?
  • How do you think he wants you to respond?

Responding in Prayer

Ask God to give you confidence in his work in your life.