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Hebrews 10: Staying in the Race

For more context before you begin studying, read this introduction to the book of Hebrews.

Faced with seemingly eternal years of schoolwork and a multitude of rules to obey, children get discouraged. When that happens, parents say, "Look at your great opportunities. Take advantage of what you have now. Don't throw it away."

The writer of Hebrews, in chapter 10, reaches the heights of Mt. Everest with a picture of Jesus that offers his readers encouragement. From those lofty heights he tells them to warm up to God, hold their faith in him, and stir up one another in Christian faith and practice.

Warming Up to God

Recall an opportunity you missed because it sounded too good. What did you miss by not believing the evidence?

Read Hebrews 10

Discovering the Word

  • The writer continues to discuss Jesus and the Old Testament offerings. How do verses 1-4 prove that the Old Testament system was a shadow, not the real thing?
  • Contrast Jesus' sacrifice (the reality) with the shadow (vv. 5-10). Why is his sacrifice better?
  • As you meditate on verses 11-18 and the awesome love and power of Jesus to take away your sins, what are the responses in your heart and mind?
  • In light of what God has done for us in Christ (vv. 19-21), what three commands does the writer feel compelled to issue (vv. 22-24)?
  • If we fail to draw near to God, hold fast our faith and stir up one another, what is likely to happen (vv. 25-26, 38-39)?

Applying the Word

  • How can you help hold someone you know "unswervingly" to faith?
  • What purposes could be achieved in your life by both this strong encouragement and this stern warning?

Responding in Prayer

Pray for your church, that you would support and encourage one another.

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