These daily online studies are adapted from our Quiet Time Bible Guide. The studies go through the Old and New Testaments in just over two years. The approach taken by our quiet time Bible studies does not include answers. The goal of the study is to help you dig into Scripture for yourself. You can go deeper using a commentary, Bible background guide or Bible handbook.

1 Chronicles 21:1—22:1: Misplaced Trust

For more context before you begin studying, read this introduction to the book of 1 Chronicles.

What makes you feel secure? Is it a steady job? a large savings account? good health? family and friends? Each of these can be a gift from the Lord and a reason for giving thanks. However, when we begin to trust in the gift rather than the Giver, we are headed for trouble. In this chapter David discovers the terrible consequences of misplaced trust.

Warming Up to God

What sorts of things contribute to your feelings of security?

Read 1 Chronicles 21:1-22:1

Discovering the Word

  • In what ways does the author make it clear that David's action was evil (21:1,3,6,8)?
  • Unfortunately, the author does not tell us why David's action was sinful. Why might the Lord have viewed David's action as sinful?
  • In what sense was the plague on Israel (21:14) an appropriate punishment for David's sin?
  • What contributes to the mood of fear and urgency in 21:16-27?
  • Why was this an appropriate site for building the house of the Lord (22:1)?

Applying the Word

  • Why are we often tempted to trust in human strength and resources rather than in the Lord?
  • Animal sacrifices are no longer necessary to atone for our sins (Heb 10:11-12). What then should we do when we discover we are guilty of misplaced trust?

Responding in Prayer

If you are aware of any such areas of your life, take time now to confess them to the Lord. Thank him for the forgiveness and security we have in Christ.