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Self-Injury and Emotional Pain

by Elaina Whittenhall

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  • Published: November 10, 2006
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"I graduated with a 3.7 GPA from a Christian liberal arts college. I work at a respected evangelical publisher. I am a member of my local church. At twenty-five years old, I just celebrated my fifth wedding anniversary. And when I get really stressed out, I cut myself.

Or at least I used to."

This narrative resource written from a Christian perspective is the first of its kind. Elaina Whittenhall invites you to learn from her struggle with cutting. She describes

  • what self-injury is
  • who self-injures
  • why people self-injure
  • how to spot trouble in someone you care about
  • how to help those you care about
  • how to get help for yourself
  • what types of therapy and treatment are most helpful
  • how to handle relapses
  • what makes recovery possible

If you are an active or recovering self-injurer or if you are concerned about a friend or family member, you'll find here practical suggestions for help, hope and healing. You'll also find information about therapy options and treatment programs nationwide and suggestions for further reading on the topic of self-injury.

"Getting over self-injury is not easy. . . . But I've been injury-free for a while now. Self-injury still has its temptations, and sometimes they're pretty strong, but I know that life as a whole is better without self-injury. I'm more stable. I'm less depressed. I stay farther away from despair. I get more work done. I have more energy to enjoy my hobbies, like writing, scrapbooking and quilting. I have better and closer relationships with people around me, particularly my husband. I have found and am still finding other ways to soothe myself and cope with difficult feelings. And I am accepting that the only one who needs to sacrifice his body for my and others' sin is Christ. It is by his wounds, not mine, that I am healed (1 Peter 2:24; Is 53:5)."


What Is Self-Injury?
Who Self-Injures?
How I Started
Why People Self-Injure
When I Knew It Was a Problem
How to Spot Trouble in Someone You Care About
How to Help Those You Care About
How to Get Help/What Helps
Obstacles to Recovery
The Beginning . . . of Life
For Further Reading

Elaina Whittenhall

Elaina Whittenhall loves to read and write, so it was natural for her to voraciously read all the available materials on cutting, suicide, and depression—things she's struggled with herself. Through her writing and graduate work in systematic and historical theology, Elaina is coming to terms with herself, her life, and her relationship with God. She's learned that she doesn't have to be a "neat, tidy, and perfect" Christian in order to be used by him.

BY Elaina Whittenhall

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