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Theologians have high praise for the Reformation Commentary on Scripture:

"For those who preach and teach Scripture in the church, the Reformation Commentary on Scripture is a significant publishing event. Pastors and other church leaders will find delightful surprises, challenging enigmas and edifying insights in this series, as many Reformational voices are newly translated into English. The lively conversation in these pages can ignite today's pastoral imagination for fresh and faithful expositions of Scripture."
—J. TODD BILLINGS, Western Theological Seminary

"Detached from her roots, the church cannot reach the world as God intends. While every generation must steward the scriptural insights God grants it, only arrogance or ignorance causes leaders to ignore the contributions of those faithful leaders before us. The Reformation Commentary on Scripture roots our thought in great insights of faithful leaders of the Reformation to further biblical preaching and teaching in this generation."
—BRYAN CHAPELL, Covenant Theological Seminary

"The Reformation Commentary helps us to recognize the breadth and depth of exegetical interests and skill that fueled and continue tot fuel faithful meditation on God's Word. I heartily recommend this series as a tremendous resuorce not only for ministry but personal edification."
—MICHAEL HORTON, Westminster Seminary

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