Do you have questions about IVP's commentary subscriptions? Keep reading to get answers to frequently asked questions or view our entire list of commentary subscriptions to get more details on these Bible reference programs. Not sure which series is right for you? Use our commentary comparison chart to find the perfect commentary based on Bible translation, special features, and books of the Bible covered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which commentary volume(s) will I receive each month?

Click on a commentary series name in the Commentary Shipment Schedule section of this page to see the order in which you will receive yourl commentaries.

Can I get commentary volumes in a different order?

The commentary shipment schedule is not able to be customized, however, if you would like to receive a commentary volume sooner than it is scheduled—at the discounted subscription price—contact us at

Can I get all the commentary volumes now?

You can recieve all the published commenataries at any time at the discounted subscription price. Contact us at and let us know which series you want to complete and the most recent commentary you received.

When will I receive my commentary volumes?

After you receive your first shipment, your commentaries will be delivered every month (31 days).

How much will I pay each month?

Your credit card will be automatically charged the amount indicated when you signed up, plus tax. Shipping is free! The cost per month will never change as long as you maintain your subscription.

Can I get ebooks instead of print format commentary volumes?

Ebooks are not available through our subscriptions. However, many of our commentary volumes are available in ebook format to purchase individually. You can learn about new releases in both print and ebook format by joining IVP's email list.

Can I gift someone a commentary subscription?

Yes! Simply follow the steps to sign up, but change the "shipping address" to the recipient's address. Use your own payment information and billing address.

What is your return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied, you can return any commentary. Contact us at

How do I cancel my subscription?

We'd hate to see you go, but you can cancel your commentary subscription anytime by contacting us at

Commentary Shipment Schedule

Choose a commentary series below to see the order of shipment.

One volume is shipped per month for a total of twenty-nine shipments.

  1. Romans
  2. Mark
  3. Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians
  4. 1-2 Corinthians
  5. Colossians, 1-2 Thessalonians, 1-2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon
  6. James, Peter, John, Jude
  7. Genesis 1-11
  8. Matthew 1-13
  9. Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
  10. Matthew 14-28
  11. Genesis 12-50
  12. Luke
  13. Twelve Prophets
  14. Isaiah 1-39
  15. Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon
  16. Hebrews
  17. Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1-2 Samuel
  18. Revelation
  19. Job
  20. Acts
  21. John 1-10
  22. John 11-21
  23. Isaiah 40-66
  24. Psalms 51-150
  25. Ezekiel, Daniel
  26. 1-2 Kings, 1-2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther
  27. Psalms 1-50
  28. Jeremiah, Lamentaions
  29. Apocypha

One volume is shipped per month for a total of thirty shipments.

  1. Romans
  2. Commentary Indexes and Resources
  3. Mark
  4. Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians
  5. 1-2 Corinthians
  6. Colossians, 1-2 Thessalonians, 1-2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon
  7. James, Peter, John, Jude
  8. Genesis 1-11
  9. Matthew 1-13
  10. Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
  11. Matthew 14-28
  12. Genesis 12-50
  13. Luke
  14. Twelve Prophets
  15. Isaiah 1-39
  16. Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon
  17. Hebrews
  18. Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1-2 Samuel
  19. Revelation
  20. Job
  21. Acts
  22. John 1-10
  23. John 11-21
  24. Isaiah 40-66
  25. Psalms 1-50
  26. Ezekiel, Daniel
  27. 1-2 Kings, 1-2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther
  28. Psalms 51-150
  29. Jeremiah, Lamentaions
  30. Apocypha

One volume is shipped per month for a total of seventeen shipments—volumes added as published.

  1. Commentaries on Romans and 1-2 Corinthians by Ambrosiaster
  2. Commentaries on Galatians--Philemon by Ambrosiaster
  3. Homilies on Numbers by Origen
  4. Commentary on the Gospel of John by Theodore of Mopsuestia
  5. Incomplete Commentary on Matthew (Opus imperfectum), Volume 1
  6. Incomplete Commentary on Matthew (Opus imperfectum), Volume 2
  7. Commentaries on Genesis 1-3 by Severian of Gabala and Bede the Venerable
  8. Commentaries on the Twelve Prophets, Volume 1 by Jerome
  9. Commentaries on the Twelve Prophets, Volume 2 by Jerome
  10. Commentary on Isaiah by Eusebius of Caesarea
  11. Latin Commentaries on Revelation by Victorinus of Petovium and Apringius of Beja and Caesarius of Arles and Bede the Venerable
  12. Greek Commentaries on Revelation by Oecumenius and Andrew of Caesarea
  13. Commentary on Jeremiah by Jerome
  14. Commentary on John, Volume 1 by Cyril of Alexandria
  15. Commentary on John, Volume 2 by Cyril of Alexandria
  16. Commentaries on Job, Hosea, Joel, and Amos by Julian of Eclanum
  17. Commentaries on Romans, 1-2 Corinthians, and Hebrews by Cyril of Alexandria

Forthcoming ACT volumes

  • Syriac Commentaries on Daniel and Minor Prophets
  • Commentaries on the Pauline Epistles by John of Damascus and Theodore of Mopsuestia
  • Commentary on the Psalms by Didymus the Blind

Two volumes are shipped per month for a total of twenty-seven shipments.

  1. The Message of Genesis 1-11
    The Message of Matthew
  2. The Message of Genesis 12-50
    The Message of Mark
  3. The Message of Exodus
    The Message of Luke
  4. The Message of Leviticus
    The Message of John
  5. The Message of Numbers
    The Message of Acts
  6. The Message of Deuteronomy
    The Message of Romans
  7. The Message of Joshua
    The Message of 1 Corinthians
  8. The Message of Judges
    The Message of 2 Corinthians
  9. The Message of Ruth
    The Message of Galatians
  10. The Message of Samuel
    The Message of Ephesians
  11. The Message of Kings
    The Message of Philippians
  12. The Message of Chronicles
    The Message of Colossians & Philemon
  13. The Message of Ezra & Haggai
    The Message of 1 & 2 Thessalonians
  14. The Message of Nehemiah
    The Message of 1 Timothy & Titus
  15. The Message of Esther
    The Message of 2 Timothy
  16. The Message of Job
    The Message of Hebrews
  17. The Message of Psalms 1-72
    The Message of James
  18. The Message of Psalms 73-150
    The Message of 1 Peter
  19. The Message of Proverbs
    The Message of 2 Peter & Jude
  20. The Message of Ecclesiastes
    The Message of John's Letters
  21. The Message of the Song of Songs
    The Message of Revelation
  22. The Message of Isaiah
    The Message of Jeremiah
  23. The Message of Lamentations
    The Message of Ezekiel
  24. The Message of Daniel
    The Message of Hosea
  25. The Message of Joel, Micah & Habakkuk
    The Message of Amos
  26. The Message of Obadiah, Nahum & Zephaniah
    The Message of Jonah
  27. The Message of Zechariah
    The Message of Malachi

Two volumes are shipped per month for a total of ten shipments.

  1. Romans
  2. Colossians & Philemon
    1-2 Thessalonians
  3. Luke
    1-2 Timothy & Titus
  4. Philippians
  5. Mark
  6. John
  7. 1 Corinthians
  8. 1 Peter
  9. 2 Peter and Jude
  10. 1-3 John
    2 Corinthians

One volume is shipped every month for a total of twenty-nine shipments.

  1. Galatians, Ephesians
  2. Ezekiel, Daniel
  3. Genesis 1-11
  4. Philippians, Colossians
  5. Acts
  6. John 1-12
  7. Luke
  8. Psalms 1-72
  9. 1-2 Samuel, 1-2 Kings, 1-2 Chronicles
  10. Romans 9-16
  11. 1 Corinthians
  12. Hebrews, James
  13. Jeremiah, Lamentations
  14. Psalms 73-150
  15. Romans 1-8
  16. 1-2 Thessalonians, 1-2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon
  17. Joshua, Judges, Ruth
  18. John 13-21
  19. Matthew
  20. 2 Corinthians

Forthcoming RCS volumes

  • Proverbs, Esslesiastes, Song of Songs
  • Genesis 12-50
  • Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
  • Ezra, Nehemiah, Job
  • Isaiah
  • Minor Prophets
  • Mark
  • 1-2 Peter, 1-3 John, Jude
  • Revelation

Two volumes are shipped per month for a total of twenty-four shipments.

  1. Genesis
    Colossians and Philemon
  2. Proverbs
  3. 1 Chronicles
    The Letters of John
  4. Psalms
  5. Jeremiah and Lamentations
    The Pastoral Epistles
  6. Job
  7. Esther
  8. Isaiah
    1 Corinthians
  9. Joshua
    2 Peter and Jude
  10. Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi
  11. Judges and Ruth
  12. James
    The Song of Songs
  13. Revelation
  14. 1 Peter
  15. 1 and 2 Samuel
  16. Exodus
  17. Numbers
  18. Obadiah, Jonah and Micah
  19. Hosea
    1 and 2 Thessalonians
  20. Deuteronomy
  21. 1 and 2 Kings
  22. Ezra and Nehemiah
    Joel and Amos
  23. 2 Chronicles
    Nahum, Habakkuk and Zephaniah
  24. 2 Corinthians