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Full-Length Translations of Ancient Christian Writings

The Ancient Christian Texts (ACT) is a series of new translations of full-length commentaries and sermons based on biblical books or extended scriptural passages by early church leaders like Ambrosiaster, Origen, John of Damascus, Cyril of Alexandria, and many others, most of which are presented in English for the first time. Extending the ecumenical project begun with the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, these texts allow us to listen to the pastoral and theological insights of the church's leading theologians during its earliest centuries.

Preachers, pastors, students, and teachers of Scripture will be refreshed and enriched by the ancient wisdom of the church. With today's best scholarship, Ancient Christian Texts provide us with the resources we need to study the key writings of the early church in a way never before possible.

"Ancient Christian Texts represent an excellent selection of patristic exegetical works, some of which will be available for the first time in English. This undertaking will be a great service to all who love the Bible." —Joseph T. Lienhard, S.J., Fordham University

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