Christian Classics Bible Studies

Christian Classics Bible Studies

Christian Classics Bible Studies

Series Editor Carolyn Nystrom

Christian Classics Bible Studies, edited by Carolyn Nystrom, provide a unique introduction to several of the most influential and fascinating figures in Christian history.

You'll read selections from classic writings of men and women like Martin Luther, John Calvin, Susanna and John Wesley and Augustine. Then relevant Bible texts and insightful discussion questions will help you to understand the teaching of these pioneers of the faith as they interacted with God's Word within their own times and places. Finally, you'll have the opportunity to go further "along the road" with continued reflection, prayer, study and application.

Each study guide in this series of four includes six sessions for individuals or groups. Notes for leaders are featured at the back of each guide.

Here is an excellent way to get to know--and get inspired by--the faithful men and women who helped to influence our world for Christ in ages past.

Christian Classics Bible Studies
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Carolyn Nystrom

Carolyn Nystrom (MA, Wheaton College) has written more than eighty books, Bible study guides, and children's titles. She coauthored Praying with theologian J. I. Packer and Is the Reformation Over with scholar Mark Noll. She is also the author of the LifeGuide Bible Studies 1& 2 Peter and JudeMoney and Work, Friendship, Listening to God and more.

In addition to actively serving in her church, she has been a foster parent, an elementary schoolteacher, the stated clerk of her EPC presbytery, and a book editor. Carolyn lives in northern Illinois with her husband, and they have four grown children.

BY Carolyn Nystrom

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