Chosen Vessels: Women of Color, Keys to Change, By Rebecca Florence Osaigbovo

Chosen Vessels

Women of Color, Keys to Change

Revised Edition

by Rebecca Florence Osaigbovo
Foreword by John M. Perkins

Chosen Vessels
  • Length: 237 pages
  • Published: July 10, 2002
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 2380
  • ISBN: 9780830823802

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"African American woman."

The phrase conjures up a variety of images: Sassy career women. Wise church women. Strong grandmothers. Welfare mothers.

But how about "chosen vessels"? Or "keys to change"? Perhaps we need some new images.

Women of color have historically been on the bottom of the economic and social ladder. But the paradox of the kingdom of God is that being on the bottom is a plus. God often chooses the rejected and despised to confound the wise and mighty (1 Corinthians 1:27-29). By examining our spiritual history and God-ordained destiny, Rebecca Florence Osaigbovo helps us turn the tide of evil in our own lives and the lives of our families, cities and nations.

We are chosen vessels.

Here is the help we need to find--and live--our significance in the eyes of God.

"Rebecca Osaigbovo has broken the long silence of African American women. . . . In Chosen Vessels we hear a voice from the inside. . . . In this book Rebecca provides a road other women can follow in helping to restore the black family to a biblical foundation."

From the Foreword by Dr. John M. Perkins

"I believe this book will be a tremendous blessing and source of inspiration for all who read it."

Dr. Myles Munroe, author of Understanding the Purpose and Power of Women

"Chosen Vessels gripped my heart like no other book. Rebecca Osaigbovo has tackled a topic most of us like to overlook, disregard or make invisible. . . . This book brings women face to face with commonsense, biblical answers for breaking free from cultural, racial and religious bondage. While Chosen Vessels is targeted to women of color, every Christian woman should read this book. Rebecca challenges all of us to embrace the fact that we are a chosen vessel so we can be free to become the woman God wants us to be."

Carol Kent, speaker and author of Becoming a Woman of Influence (NavPress)




Part 1: African American Women
1. African American Women: Chosen Vessels
2. A Vision of Hope for the Future
3. Wounded Hearts--Our Biggest Problem

Part 2: Understanding the Enemy's Plan
4. The Plan Against African Americans
5. The Plan Against Women
6. African American Women: Keys to Change

Part 3: Back to the Beginning
7. The Real Enemy
8. The Creation of Humans Their Fall
9. Why Can't Black Men Women Just Get Along?
10. Balancing the Scales

Part 4: The Healing Process
11. Humble
12. Pray
13. Seek
14. Turn

Part 5: Let the Change Begin
15. Baptism of Fire
16. Reversing the Curse
17. It's Time, Our Time


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Rebecca Florence Osaigbovo

Rebecca Osaigbovo is founder and director of Chosen Vessels Ministries, Inc., a nonprofit outreach organization that focuses on leadership training, prison ministry, and challenging and inspiring women to be agents of change in their families, workplaces, and communities. She also speaks at churches and conferences on prayer, spiritual growth, women in ministry, and overcoming adversity. She lives in Michigan.