Changing World, Unchanging Mission

Responding to Global Challenges

by M. David Sills

Changing World, Unchanging Mission
  • Length: 233 pages
  • Published: July 28, 2015
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-4430-2
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  • The Gospel Coalition Top Books of 2015 in International Outreach

The world continues to globalize and urbanize at a rapid pace. Technology and social media have transformed how people interact. Despite recent advances and innovations, countless people groups across the globe still lack access to the gospel of Jesus Christ. How should the church mobilize to reach the world?

Now more than ever before, Christians need to be aware of the changing landscape before us. Missions expert David Sills shares this one-stop shop of key global challenges confronting Christian mission in the twenty-first century. In ten topical chapters he identifies ways practitioners can be faithful to God's call, help without hurting, reach oral learners, conduct short-term missions responsibly, engage in business as mission strategically and much more.

While the world is fluid, God's mission endures. Discover anew how the eternal gospel can make its way to every tribe and nation.

"A reflective and practical book for every single Christ-follower. Mission statesman Sills provides the twenty-first-century innovations and 'majority church' issues that we all must grapple with, and helps us to consider better allocation of resources as stewards. I highly recommend your attention to Changing World, Unchanging Mission."

Samuel E. Chiang, senior associate, orality, The Lausanne Movement

"There's no one I trust more to mentor me in the practicalities of effective missions than Dr. Sills. In this book, his decades of experience and balanced wisdom help me navigate the hyperbole and overreactions that are so common. This will be a trusted resource I go back to often."

Bill Walsh, director of international outreach, The Gospel Coalition

"David Sills has provided missionaries, students, pastors and Christian leaders with a thoughtful, future-directed look at the trends, opportunities and challenges that all who are serious about the work of global missions must consider. Grounded in an unflinching commitment to the good news of the gospel and the priority of the Great Commission, the skillful analysis found in this volume raises the right questions, explores the key issues and gives us a wise and responsible compass to help guide our way in an ever-changing world. It is a genuine privilege to recommend this relevant, readable and highly engaging book."

David S. Dockery, president, Trinity International University

"Does a changing world necessitate a changed mission? No! Quite the opposite. It necessitates changes in missions but not a changed mission. Our changing world stands in desperate need of an unchanging mission—changing missions but not changing mission! This book should be required reading for every short-term missionary and for every aspiring career missionary as well. It is also recommended reading for all who support them with money and prayer."

David J. Hesselgrave, emeritus professor of mission, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"In these insightful pages, David Sills provides biblical, practical missiology for today. While his assumptions are anchored in Scripture, his understanding flows out of his rich global experience as a missionary leader and trainer. His passion for Jesus and his mission are both inspiring and contagious!"

Bob Fetherlin, president, One Mission Society

"In a world with numerous pressures shaping the church, David Sills has written an excellent work drawing our attention to some of them. Changing World, Unchanging Mission calls us to action as kingdom citizens, challenging us to be students of both God's Word and God's world! A must read for those desiring to reach the nations!"

J. D. Payne, pastor of church multiplication, The Church at Brook Hills, Birmingham, AL, author of Apostolic Church Planting

"The tools and strategies missionaries use to carry out the Great Commission have evolved more in the last two decades than during any other period of history. Though the Commission itself does not change, rapid growth in technology and global interconnectedness has created new challenges that require us to rethink how we engage in local communities. David Sills's timely book recognizes this shifting paradigm, challenges us to adapt and provides the perspective necessary to grow effectively in the twenty-first century."

Bob Creson, president, Wycliffe Bible Translators

"There's no one I trust more to mentor me in the practicalities of effective global missions than David Sills. In this book, his decades of experience and balanced wisdom help me navigate the hyperbole and overreactions that are so common. This will be a trusted resource I go back to often."

Bill Walsh and Joann Pittman, The Gospel Coalition, "TGC Editors' Picks: Top Books of 2015," December 2015

"Whether or not you feel called to serve in international missions, Sills' seasoned expertise and insight makes this book essential for any evangelical who seeks to be obedient to the Great Commission."

S. Craig Sanders, Towers, February 2016

"Changing World, Unchanging Mission is highly recommended for evangelical missions students, new missionaries, and career field missionaries and their mission agencies."

I. Francis Kyle III, Mission Studies 35 (2018)


1. Competing and Conflicting Missions
2. Urbanization and Globalization
3. Travel, Communication and the Missionary Life
4. Short-Term Missions
5. Reaching Oral Learners
6. Helping without Hurting
7. Churches as Sending Agencies
8. Business as Mission
9. Changing Governments
10. The Global South, Southern Church and Role of Western Missionaries
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M. David Sills (DMiss, PhD; Reformed Theological Seminary) has planted and pastored churches in both the United States and Ecuador. While with the International Mission Board, he served as a church planter and general evangelist among the Highland Quichua people in the Andes and as a seminary professor at the Ecuadorian Baptist Theological Seminary. He also served as rector and professor of the Baptist seminary as a missionary with Global Outreach International. He has planted and pastored churches in both the United States and Ecuador.

Sills has written several books and articles in both English and Spanish, including The Missionary Call: Find Your Place in God's Plan for the World, which has been translated into Spanish, Korean, and Indonesian, Reaching and Teaching: A Call to Great Commission Obedience, and Reaching and Teaching the Highland Quichuas. His Spanish books include Capacitación Cultural en la Cultura Quichua and Quichuas de la Sierra. In addition, he has also coauthored or contributed to several books such as Introduction to Global Missions and Introducción a la Misiología. A frequent speaker at conferences internationally, Sills has spoken for the Desiring God National Conference, Urbana Missions Conference, To Every Tribe, Master's College, and the Cross Conference.

He and his wife, Mary, have been married for over thirty years and have two grown children and several grandchildren.

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