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Gender & Grace

Love, Work & Parenting in a Changing World

Print-On-Demand Edition

By Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen

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Part 1: Understanding the Issues
1. Why Read This Book?
2. Male and Female in the Biblical Drama
3. How to Think about Sex and Gender

Part 2: Nature and Nurture
4. Genes and Gender
5. Hormones and Hemispheres
6. Nature, Culture and Common Grace

Part 3: Parents and Partners
7. The Persistence of Patriarchy
8. The Case for Co-Parenting
9. Marriage, Family and the Kingdom of God

Part 4: Achievement and Attraction
10. Gender, Work and Christian Vocation
11. Sexual Values in a Secular Age
12. All Things Made New



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$5 flat-rate shipping on all U.S. web orders