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Islam: A Christian Introduction

By Winfried Corduan

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Islam: A Christian Introduction

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The world hasn't really shrunk--it just feels like it.

Not all adherents of Islam live halfway around the globe. Some of them live halfway down the block. Encounters with Muslims, whether as fellow students, as coworkers or as neighbors, challenge our familiar ideas and make us more closely examine our own beliefs and traditions.

With this e-book Winfried Corduan offers a helpful introduction to Islam that is like no other. Drawing material from his larger work Neighboring Faiths, Corduan outlines the history and formal teachings of Islam and also describes how the religion is practiced in daily life. He also includes fresh material on Islamic militant groups and various Muslim understandings of jihad (holy war).

Finally, as a professing Christian believer, Corduan also gives specific suggestions for how Christians can avoid giving unnecessary offense to Muslims while learning to engage them in constructive dialogue.

For all who want to better understand Islam, one of the fastest-growing religions in today's world, this brief, accessible, up-to-date e-book is an indispensable guide.

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Free shipping on all U.S. web orders $45+