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Neighboring Faiths

A Christian Introduction to World Religions

By Winfried Corduan

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Neighboring Faiths

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Neighboring Faiths




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The world hasn't really shrunk--it just feels that way.

Not all people of different cultural traditions and religious beliefs live halfway around the globe. Some of them live just down the block. Some of them work in the cubicle across the hall. Some of them sit next to us at PTA meetings. Encounters with these neighboring faiths often challenge our own comfortable beliefs and traditions. They make us think more deeply about our own faith commitments.

For all who want to understand the religious faiths of their neighbors and coworkers, Winfried Corduan offers this helpful introduction to the religions of the world. His survey covers major and minor religions including Judaism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, African and Native American traditional religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Baha'i, Chinese popular religion, Shinto and the Japanese synthesis.

Unlike many similar books, Neighboring Faiths emphasizes not just formal religious teachings but also how each religion is practiced in daily life. Corduan has presnts more than 80 photographs, charts and maps. And moving beyond mere description, he offers specific suggestions for how Christians can avoid giving unnecessary offense to followers of these faiths while engaging them in constructive dialogue.

For readers who want to understand what other religions believe and practice, and for small groups and churches who want to become more effective in reaching those from other cultures and religions, Neighboring Faiths is an indispensable guide.

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