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But Is It True?

Honest Responses To 10 Popular Objections To The Christian Faith

by Michael Ots

But Is It True?
  • Length: 176 pages
  • Published: February 19, 2016
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  • ISBN: 978-1-7835-9404-7
  • Item Code: P59404

The Christian faith may seem attractive, but is it true? And what if it is true? Could our desires actually be a pointer to the God who really is there and desires to be known by us? Michael Ots explores some of the objections people have to the Christian faith, looking critically at the evidence and showing that there are good reasons to believe.

Over ten chapters, he considers questions like these: Isn't faith irrational? Hasn't science buried God? Isn't faith a psychological crutch or sociological construct? Don't you need evidence? Wasn't Jesus just another myth? Can we really believe the miracle stories? How do we know that the accounts of Jesus weren't just made up? Hasn't the Bible been distorted? Did Jesus really claim to be God? Did the resurrection actually happen?

If you sometimes struggle to know what to say when a friend asks you difficult questions about what you believe, or if you have lots of questions yourself, But Is It True? could be the perfect book to help you.

"Blends rigorous research with an accessible style."

Chris Sinkinson

"Unusually well written, weaving stories with logical discourse and evidence."

Mark Lanier

"A powerful, cumulative case. . . . I heartily recommend this book for believer and atheist alike."

Rodney Holder

"Ots argues compellingly that reason, intellect and reflection are still the friends, and not the enemies, of authentic faith."

Glynn Harrison

"Widely researched, easy to read and brilliantly illustrated."

Dave Gobbett

"Beware, the answers may change your life!"

Lindsay Brown

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