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November 2019 Releases

John Michael Talbot
Edited by Elijah Hixson and Peter J. Gurry
Edited by Roberta R. King and William A. Dyrness
Mark Charles and Soong-Chan Rah
Edited by Lee Gatiss and Bradley G. Green
Trillia Newbell
Jeffrey Munroe
Beth A. Booram and David Booram

October 2019 Releases

Darren T. Duerksen and William A. Dyrness
Andrew T. Le Peau
Phyllis J. Le Peau
Phyllis J. Le Peau
Christine A. Colón
Andrew Hartropp
Knut Martin Heim
Edited by Joseph R. Dodson and David E. Briones
Edited by Len Tang and Charles E. Cotherman
Edited by Jenny Eaton Dyer and Cathleen Falsani
Richella Parham
Edited by Gerald L. Hiestand and Todd Wilson
Amanda W. Benckhuysen

September 2019 Releases

Judith K. Balswick and Jack O. Balswick
Leighton Ford
James Bryan Smith
Edited by Mae Elise Cannon and Andrea Smith
Shundrawn A. Thomas
John A. Bernbaum
Gem Fadling and Alan Fadling
James R. Payton Jr.

August 2019 Releases

Michael LeFebvre
Michael J. Ovey
Dale Larsen and Sandy Larsen
Edited by Robert J. Matz and A. Chadwick Thornhill
Terence Lester
Derek Kidner
Sharon Garlough Brown
Andrew E. Steinmann
Sharon Garlough Brown
Mark DeVries and Scott Pontier
Neil Powell and John James
John Stott
John Stott
John Stott
John Stott
John Stott
Albert Haase, OFM
Jeffrey W. Barbeau