A Beginner's Guide to Crossing Cultures

Making Friends in a Multicultural World

by Patty Lane

Crosscultural specialist Patty Lane shows you how to develop hands-on relational skills that help build crosscultural friendships, noting practical resources for navigating multicultural environments with sensitivity and savvy.


A Credible Witness

Reflections on Power, Evangelism and Race

by Brenda Salter McNeil
Foreword by Tony Campolo

Brenda Salter McNeil explores what you can learn from Jesus' encounter with the woman at the well. She explains how gender, race and social status can be a barrier to evangelism. Brenda tells her own story of coming to faith, and talks about how she relates to others as a Christian.


A Fragile Stone

The Emotional Life of Simon Peter

by Michael Card
Foreword by Brennan Manning

Eric L. Johnson (Ph.D., Michigan State University) is a psychologist and associate professor of pastoral theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. His books include God Under Fire and Psychology and Christianity: Four Views. He is also a frequent contributor to the Journal of Psychology and Theology. He is the director of the Society for Christian Psychology.


A Free People's Suicide

Sustainable Freedom and the American Future

by Os Guinness

Os Guinness traces the evolution of the American ideal of freedom from the founders to the present, warning that the country's defining experiment is on the verge of failure. Summoning historical evidence on the fate of early democracies, he argues that without a renewed commitment to the task of virtue, America will soon wish away her own freedom.


A Little Primer on Humble Apologetics

by James W. Sire

We've all felt the tension. An opportunity to speak for Christ comes up, and either we jump in with both barrels blasting or we cower in the corner and say nothing. Is there a better way? Can we learn to speak boldly, yet humbly, about our faith in Christ? Jim Sire offers a little primer on understanding the nature and limits of apologetics.


A Sojourner's Truth

Choosing Freedom and Courage in a Divided World

by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson
Foreword by Patricia Raybon

Experience the journey of a young African American girl from South Carolina to the United States Naval Academy, and then into her calling as a speaker, mentor, and thought-leader. Intertwining Natasha Sistrunk Robinson's story with the story of Moses, this prophetic memoir invites you to bring along your story as well—to discover your own identity, purpose, and truth-revealing moments.

Music CD

A Violent Grace

Music and Words by Michael Card

For many years Michael Card has reflected on the person and work of Jesus through music. This new live recording brings together many of his most memorable songs, from "Known by the Scars" to "Love Crucified Arose." An essential companion to Card's book A Violent Grace.


After College

Navigating Transitions, Relationships and Faith

by Erica Young Reitz

Erica Young Reitz helps college seniors and recent graduates navigate the complex transition to postcollege life. Drawing on best practices and research on senior preparedness, this practical guide addresses the top issues graduates face: making decisions, finding friends, managing money, discerning your calling and much more.


After the Trip

Unpacking Your Crosscultural Experience

by Cory Trenda
Foreword by Tim Dearborn

Can a one-time crosscultural experience truly be life-changing? Veteran trip leader and intercultural guide Cory Trenda provides a unique guide for individuals and teams to make the most of a crosscultural trip after returning home. Combining practical tips, reflections, and stories from decades of experience, this is an essential resource for those who want crosscultural trips to be a catalyst for lasting good.


And She Lived Happily Ever After

Finding Fulfillment as a Single Woman

by Skip McDonald

This is not a book about how to find a husband! Skip McDonald writes about living in grace and fulfillment as a single woman. She offers wisdom on home, church, building a career, dating and other relationships, and growing with God. Be encouraged and find your way to a happy and vibrant life!