Are you looking for a small, easy way to share a Christian sentiment with someone?

IVP Booklets are more meaningful than a card—and less expensive too! These brief yet rich pamphlets make great gifts for baptisms and graduations, and they are a perfect tool for reaching out to new believers or new church members.

These giftable booklets are meant to

  • open up discussions on faith
  • offer support to those in need
  • provide answers to questions of faith

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Bestselling Booklets

Covering a wealth of topics for the Christian life, there is an IVP Booklet for anyone in your life. Browse by our most popular here.

Robert Boyd Munger
Charles E. Hummel
Robert Boyd Munger and Carolyn Nystrom
Bill Hybels
Lori Rentzel
Dan Hamilton
J. I. Packer
Everett L. Worthington Jr.
Gary Deddo and Cathy Deddo
W. Bingham Hunter
Judson J. Swihart
Bruce L. Shelley
John Stott
Joan L. Guest
Charles W. Colson
Daniel C. Juster
John White
James Emery White
Douglas Groothuis
Stanton L. Jones
Tom L. Eisenman
Vinoth Ramachandra
Donald S. Tingle
Mark Ashton
Alice Fryling
Jack Kuhatschek
Rick Richardson
James Emery White
John W. Alexander and Steve Hayner
Masumi Toyotome
John W. Alexander
Victoria L. Johnson
Philip Yancey
Alice Fryling
C. Baxter Kruger
Melvin Friesen and Helen Friesen
Phyllis Alsdurf and James Alsdurf
Keith R. Anderson