Women in a Patriarchal World Published By SPCK

Women in a Patriarchal World

Twenty-five Empowering Stories from the Bible

by Elaine Storkey

The United Kingdom's leading Christian feminist takes a closer look at twenty-five stories of women in the Bible, how they responded to the crises they faced, and how they can act as models for today.

Wrestling With My Thoughts Published By IVP UK

Wrestling With My Thoughts

A Doctor With Severe Mental Illness Discovers Strength

by Sharon Hastings

Unique voice of a medical doctor who has experienced severe and enduring mental illness and is passionate about helping others.

Wrestling with the Word Published By SPCK

Wrestling with the Word

Preaching On Tricky Texts

by Jamie Harrison

In Wrestling with the Word, well-known and accomplished preachers grapple with a range of notoriously difficult biblical Old and New Testament texts, and offer ideas to help in the planning process of interpreting and applying such passages.