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What Kind of God?

Responses to 10 Popular Accusations

by Michael Ots

How can God be good when he allows suffering, authorizes war, limits my sexuality, excludes people of other religions, and even sends them to hell? Michael Ots responds with clarity and warmth to these and other moral objections to the character of God.

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When Darkness Seems My Closest Friend

Reflections on Life and Ministry with Depression

by Mark Meynell

When Mark Meynell spoke in a central London church, more than 1,500 people hung on to his every word. What they didn't know was that their minister was terrified of being laid bare in public, one of the most devastating elements of his depression. Mark invites us into the darkness of his cave as he serves up gritty reality and raw honesty, but also heartfelt hope.

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Where on Earth is Heaven?

A Little Book Of Guidance

by Paula Gooder

A book for all who are curious about the dwelling place of God and the angels. Intended for people looking for answers to life's biggest questions, this little book of guidance will appeal to anyone, whether believer or non-believer, looking for a quick and easy way into the topic.

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Who Cares About HIV?

Challenging Attitudes and Pastoral Practices that Do More Harm than Good

by Steve Penrose, Joseph Kyusho-Ford, and Paul KyBird

This timely book gives a voice to those living with HIV who are too often ignored or misunderstood by the Church and other religious institutions – including those in positions of care who may have thought they were helping but have ended up doing more harm than good.

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Who is My Neighbour?

The Global and Personal Challange

Edited by Richard Carter and Sam Wells

This thought- and action-provoking book considers the crucial question: Who is my neighbor? What does the Christian injunction to "love your neighbor as yourself" actually mean in practice today? Contributions by renowned theologians and practitioners reflect on this subject in relation to issues of poverty, ecology, immigration, fear, and discrimination, and the recent political upheavals both in Europe and the United States.

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Whole Life Worship

Empowering Disciples For The Frontline

by Sam Hargreaves and Sara Hargreaves

Church worship should be inspired and informed by our everyday experiences. It should empower and send the congregation out to continue worshipping. The book will provide patterns and resources to better connect gathered worship with the lives of the congregation beyond church meetings.

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Why Are We Here?

A Little Book Of Guidance

by Alister McGrath

Alister McGrath shows how science can take us only so far in answering the big questions about our origins, and how Christianity can take us further. A book for all who want to explore the reasons why the universe exists, and why we are in it.

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Why be Good?

A Little Book Of Guidance

by Robin Gill

Most of us think we know right from wrong, even if we have no particular religious faith. But where does that knowledge come from? Is it something we're born with? Or is it something we learn from the culture in which we grow up? Robin Gill examines the major reasons that people give for trying to lead a good life, and considers what is distinctive about the teaching of Jesus on this vital subject.

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Why believe in Jesus' Resurrection?

A Little Book Of Guidance

by James D.G. Dunn

Regarded by believers as the foundation stone of their faith, and as a stumbling block by those who struggle to believe, the resurrection of Jesus lies at the heart of the Christian gospel. James D. G. Dunn sets out clearly and fairly the arguments for and against Jesus' resurrection, and explains why most biblical scholars believe the weight of historical evidence points in its favor.

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Why did Jesus Have to Die?

A Little Book Of Guidance

by Jane Williams

For many people, the crucifixion of Jesus by the Romans is just another tragic fact of history – a cruel travesty of justice, perhaps, but nothing more. But for Christians the death of Jesus has a much deeper and far-reaching significance.