The Rhythm of Life Published By SPCK

The Rhythm of Life

by David Adam

Life has its rhythms. We all need to be able to cope with its ebb as well as its flow. We face dry times as well as times of richness. To survive this intricate pattern, we need to have an overriding rhythm of prayer. We need to know that whatever is happening, we are loved by God, and in him we live and move and have our being.

The Rise and Fall of the Incomparable Liturgy Published By SPCK

The Rise and Fall of the Incomparable Liturgy

The Book of Common Prayer, 1559-1906

by Bryan D. Spinks

Most histories of Church of England liturgy begin in the 1530s. However, the real history of the Book of Common Prayer begins with the Elizabethan Settlement in 1559. The only revision of any note was that of 1662, and this revision lasted without challenge until the nineteenth century. This study concentrates on 1559 until the Report of the Royal Commission in 1906, which paved the way for liturgical revision.

The Sacred Art of Joking Published By SPCK

The Sacred Art of Joking

by James Cary

Comedy is sacred—it's woven through the Bible. James Cary has rare first-hand experience of writing comedy for the BBC—and has a degree in theology. He and former actor and comedian, Barry Cooper (co-writer of Christianity Explored) do a weekly podcast called Cooper and Cary Have Words. This is an intelligent, funny, informative book for anyone who likes comedy.

The Second Intercessions Handbook Published By SPCK

The Second Intercessions Handbook

by John Pritchard

Containing completely new material, this user-friendly sequel to the bestselling Intercessions Handbook is for individuals and groups involved in the vital task of leading prayers in public worship. The Second Intercessions Handbook is easy to adapt to particular situations and includes a wealth of creative suggestions for enlivening prayers.

The Selfish Gospel Published By IVP UK

The Selfish Gospel

Be Transformed By Giving It All

by Freddie Pimm

Relatable and full of biblical truth, this book reminds us of the gospel's greatest paradox: in order to save our lives, we must first lose them. Against the grain of our "it's all about me" society, the author explains how it's only when we let the gospel cost us and change us that we see the power of transformation—within ourselves and the church.

The Seven Prayers of Jesus Published By IVP UK

The Seven Prayers of Jesus

by Laszlo Gallusz

Millions of Christians believe that prayer is the breath of the soul. The reality, however, is that genuine prayer is something we need to learn repeatedly. Laszlo Gallusz focuses on the praying of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, investigating his prayers in their literary and socio-historical context and pointing to their theological significance and relevance for today.

The Shepherd Who Couldn't Sing Published By SPCK

The Shepherd Who Couldn't Sing

by Alan Barker
Illustrated by Thea Baker

Jake the boy shepherd is not afraid of dark shadows, strange noises, or wild animals. The only thing that frightens Jake is singing—that is until an unexpected meeting with an angel choir helps him to discover his voice. . . and the infant Christ! This beautifully illustrated children's book is a delightful retelling of the Christmas story for children aged 4-6.

The Sleepy Shepherd Published By SPCK

The Sleepy Shepherd

A Timeless Retelling of the Christmas Story

by Stephen Cottrell
Illustrated by Chris Hagan

The Sleepy Shepherd is so dozy he completely misses the visit of the angels . . . and the chance to greet the Christ-child in Bethlehem. But one crucial night, years later, he makes an important decision—to be a real shepherd to a man whose friends have all fallen asleep. This beautifully illustrated children's book weaves together the Christmas and Easter stories in an unexpected and unforgettable way.

The Study of Ministry Published By SPCK

The Study of Ministry

A Comprehensive Survey of Theory and Best Practice

by Martyn Percy, Ian Markham, and Emma Percy

Written by an international team of leading authors from a range of relevant disciplines, this is the first comprehensive overview of the state of the art in the study of Christian ministry. Covering all the major concepts, thinkers and approaches, this resource features authoritative contributions by experts in anthropology, psychology, psychotherapy, sociology, political theory and related fields of study.