Treasures of the King Published By SPCK

Treasures of the King

Psalms From The Life Of David

by J. Alec Motyer

This devotional book traces the course of David's life through his autobiographical Psalms. With warmth and insight, the author draws out the lessons David learned in his turbulent life with the Lord and the rich gems he has bequeathed to followers of God today.

Unbelievable? Published By SPCK


Why After Ten Years of Talking With Atheists, I'm Still a Christian

by Justin Brierley
Foreword by Alister McGrath

Justin Brierley began to invite atheists and sceptics on to Premier Christian Radio to air arguments for and against the Christian faith. But how has ten years of discussion with atheists affected the presenter's faith? Reflecting on conversations with Richard Dawkins, Derren Brown, and more, Justin explains why he still finds Christianity the most compelling explanation for life, the universe, and everything.

Understanding and Using the Bible Published By SPCK

Understanding and Using the Bible

Edited by Christopher J. H. Wright and Jonathan Lamb

Here is an engaging and exciting introduction to biblical methods and practices of study, edited by two trusted teachers, Christopher J. H. Wright and Jonathan Lamb, in collaboration with a diverse array of expert contributors. Part One explores key Christian beliefs about the Bible, and Part Two offers examples of Bible use in different contexts.

Unearthly Beauty Published By SPCK

Unearthly Beauty

Through Advent With The Saints

by Magdalen Smith

This warmhearted book is for those of us who enter Advent longing for spiritual sustenance to balance the worldly charms of the Christmas season. In these devotions full of contemporary stories and enjoyable cultural allusions, Magdalen Smith introduces characters who manifest a mysterious dynamic and enable us to glimpse holiness in a new way.

Unpopular Culture Published By SPCK

Unpopular Culture

by Guvna B

What if we chose to live differently: to stand against injustice, to live life for more than just ourselves, to dare to be unpopular? Guvna B wants us to flip the script, to demonstrate another way to live, to find freedom in going against the grain.

Unreached Published By SPCK


Growing Churches In Working-Class And Deprived Areas

by Tim Chester

Think of the thriving evangelical churches in your area, and the chances are they will be in the "nice" areas of town and their leaders will be middle class. Why have we evangelicals been so ineffectual at reaching the urban poor, despite our origins? This book is about reaching those unreached areas.

Virtually Human Published By SPCK

Virtually Human

Flourishing in a Digital World

by Ed Brooks and Pete Nicholas

The growth of social media and increasingly innovative digital advancements raises questions for every Christian. How should we understand the new digital age? And how can we live well within it? Whether you are an early adopter, a sceptic, or just content to go with the flow, this book will help you navigate the digital world in a way that honours Christ.

Walking with Domestic Abuse Published By SPCK

Walking with Domestic Abuse Sufferers

by Helen Thorne

Tragically, the police receive a call about domestic abuse every minute. This is a hidden and terrifying phenomenon, sadly prevalent in churches as well as the wider community. Spouses, partners, parents, and (older) children are the perpetrators. The aim of this book is to bring victims to a place of freedom, peace, and hope. There is a way out, and they can find real hope in Christ.

We're Hungry Too Published By SPCK

We're Hungry Too

by Sylvia Green
Illustrated by David Lorenzo

Ellie loves sleepovers with Aunt Miranda, who is the best cook in the world! They love to feed the cute birds and the fluffy ducklings, but other less appealing creatures keep appearing because they're hungry too! Gradually Ellie learns to look out for the creatures who are usually ignored but are just as needy and worthy of care. This lovely books helps children think about caring for creation and sharing with those less fortunate.

What Clergy Do Published By SPCK

What Clergy Do

Especially When It Looks Like Nothing

by Emma Percy

Clergy have a pivotal role in creating and nurturing church communities in which all people can grow up into Christ. This book explores the nature of that role by considering key similarities with the essential but often conflicting demands of motherhood. This book will help clergy to think about how this is achieved through the myriad of "small" things they do from day to day.