The Easter Bible Storybook Published By SPCK
Board Book

The Easter Bible Storybook

As Seen In The Big Bible Storybook

by Maggie Barfield

Open The Easter Bible Storybook to meet Mary in a garden, Peter and John, friends out walking and, most of all, Jesus! Written especially for children under five, this is a delightful retelling of the Easter story. This full-color board book has a short amount of text and is the perfect size for small hands.

The Enlightenment Published By SPCK

The Enlightenment

A Very Brief History

by Anthony Kenny

Montesquieu, Hume, Voltaire, Diderot, Smith, Gibbon, Bentham . . . These are among the great thinkers who contributed to the dramatic developments in religion, science, and philosophy that we now call the Enlightenment. Written by a world authority, this brief history of the Enlightenment concludes with a perceptive assessment of the cultural, religious, ethical, and political dimensions of its legacy.

The Essential History of Christianity Published By SPCK

The Essential History of Christianity

by Miranda Threlfall-Holmes

Miranda Threlfall-Holmes helps us to understand what has gone on in the past and sheds light on our present experiences of churches, religion, spirituality and religious conflict. She also gives important clues about what might happen in the future. This entertaining and accessible guide is indispensable for those beginning to study Christianity.

The Fire Divine Published By IVP UK

The Fire Divine

An Introduction To The Evangelical Revival

by David Ceri Jones

The evangelical revival of the eighteenth century was a renewal movement of international proportions. David Ceri Jones offers a lively, accessible, and informative introduction to its roots, main events, personalities, and ideas, and assesses its wider impact.

The Gospel Beyond the Gospels Published By SPCK

The Gospel Beyond the Gospels

by Trevor Dennis

No works of literature have been subjected to such close, persistent scrutiny by so many over the centuries as the Gospels. In this book, Trevor Dennis urges us to investigate where the Gospels lead in the search for the bright gospel beyond the Gospels.

The Grace-filled Wilderness Published By SPCK

The Grace-filled Wilderness

A Journey Through Lent

by Magdalen Smith

The Grace-filled Wilderness connects contemporary encounters of wilderness with the traditional themes of Lent and Jesus’ journey to the cross. Introducing a series of 'double-edged' subjects, the author uncovers how these bring us life as well as potentially drain life from us when we fall into them in the wrong way. How we deal with our appetites; what gives us identity; how to live with the freedom and power — each week progresses from 'wilderness to grace', we move through Lent and Holy Week into the glorious hope of Easter.

The Guilt Book Published By IVP UK

The Guilt Book

A Path To Grace And Freedom

by Will van der Hart and Rob Waller

The Guilt Book combines biblical theology and modern psychology, offering a fresh perspective that helps you escape the paralysis caused by guilt and differentiate between guilt that is true or false.

The Hoity-Toity Angel Published By SPCK

The Hoity-Toity Angel

by Caroline Hoile

There was once a very beautiful angel. Her hair gleamed, her wings sparkled and her dress was whiter than white. She was the most elegant angel that you could ever have wished to see. But she was also very, very proud. She really thought that she was the best! Follow the Hoity-Toity Angel through the events of the Christmas story as she discovers that it's what's on the inside that counts.

The Identification Principle Published By IVP UK

The Identification Principle

How The Incarnation Shapes Faith And Ministry

by Christopher Steed

All too often, incarnational ministry is divorced from proclamation and prayer. But word and work go hand in hand. This fresh take on incarnational life, church, and society draws together recent academic research and cutting-edge ministry. It presents a renewed theology of Christian action for a new generation of evangelical leaders.

The Intercessions Handbook Published By SPCK

The Intercessions Handbook

by John Pritchard

John Pritchard considers the importance and challenges of the vital task of intercession. He then offers practical examples of intercessions in traditional services, all-age worship, small groups and personal devotions. Material for seasons, major festivals and special events is also included.