The Big Bible Storybook Published By SPCK

The Big Bible Storybook

Refreshed and Updated Edition


Discover the big story of the Bible from Creation to Revelation, told especially for young children. Perfect for use at home, at school, and in groups, this refreshed and updated edition of the bestselling The Big Bible Storybook brings over 180 stories to life on every page with the much-loved Bible Friends characters. Come and share in the wonder of God's good news!

The Book of Enoch Published By SPCK

The Book of Enoch

by Paula Gooder

The Book of Enoch is an invaluable resource for all who are interested in the origins of Christianity. It was known and used by the earliest churches and sheds light on many concepts found in the New Testament, such as demonology, future judgment, the Messiah and the Messianic Kingdom, the title "Son of Man," and the resurrection.

The Busy Christian's Guide to Busyness Published By IVP UK

The Busy Christian's Guide to Busyness

by Tim Chester

Do you say "yes" to requests when really you mean to say "no"? Do you feel permanently trapped by your 24/7 lifestyle? While offering practical help to busy Christians, Tim Chester also opts for root-and-branch treatment: you need to deal radically with the things that are driving you.

The Centre Brain Published By SPCK

The Centre Brain

5 Prompts To Persuasive Power

by Steve Adams

The Centre Brain explains why your communication works, or doesn?t. Why you prompt action, or don?t. Combining psychological insight, real-life experience, and inspiring application, this book will empower you to make the most of your message.

The Children's Bible: New Living Translation Published By SPCK

The Children's Bible

New Living Translation

Illustrated by Javier Jaoquin

The New Living Translation is an authoritative version of Scripture, rendered faithfully into today's English. This translation renders words and phrases as simply and literally as possible, while adopting a more dynamic approach when the literal English equivalent would be too archaic for readers to fully understand. This edition for children is beautifully illustrated.

The Christmas Bible Storybook Published By SPCK
Board Book

The Christmas Bible Storybook

As Seen In The Big Bible Storybook

by Maggie Barfield

Open The Christmas Bible Storybook to meet Mary and Joseph, Angels and shepherds, wise men and, most of all, Jesus! Written especially for children under five, this is a delightful retelling of the Christmas story. This full-color board book has a short amount of text and is the perfect size for small hands.

The Circle of Peace Published By SPCK

The Circle of Peace

by Trevor Dennis

This book illuminates the healing truth that encountering the love of God sets us free to live as we were intended to live—loving ourselves and those around us. Through Bible passages, stories, and exercises, the authors encourage us to enjoy living to the full in God's exhilarating company.

The Comparison Trap Published By SPCK

The Comparison Trap

by Helen Roberts

Why does jealousy so often get in the way in woman to woman relationships? How can we avoid the comparison trap?

The Divine Imprint Published By SPCK

The Divine Imprint

Finding God in the Human Mind

by Russell Stannard

The search for God begins by looking inwards into oneself. Our consciousness bears a resemblance to that consciousness from which it is directly derived. It bears his imprint. It is from the characteristics of that imprint we get to know what kind of God we are dealing with. Only then can we be open to realizing how the physical world also bears his imprint.

The Dove, the Fig Leaf and the Sword Published By SPCK

The Dove, the Fig Leaf and the Sword

Why Christianity Changes Its Mind About War

by Alan Billings

This fascinating critique of the church's varying response to the use of force over the centuries gives Christians a greater understanding of the complexity of peacekeeping and stresses the vital role of praying for those in authority.