Aidan, Bede, Cuthbert Published By SPCK

Aidan, Bede, Cuthbert

Three Inspirational Saints

by David Adam

In this rousing book, David Adam celebrates the lives and interweaving stories of the great saints Aidan, Bede and Cuthbert. They have much to teach us, he believes, about vision—about expanding our spiritual awareness and deepening our love for God.

Another Christ Published By SPCK

Another Christ

Re-Envisioning Ministry

by Andrew Mayes

In this riveting book, Andrew Mayes explores how the first-century setting of Jesus reveals his identity as builder, hermit, rebel, mystic, reveler, jester, iconoclast, revealer, enigma, liberator, traveler, mentor, brother, and trailblazer. The aim is to encourage us to see how these images can inform the practice and spirituality of leadership today. Each chapter ends with a set of penetrating questions.

Barefoot Ways Published By SPCK

Barefoot Ways

by Stephen Cherry

Barefoot Ways offers the reader a poetic, prayerful meditation for every day of December and January. It connects with the spiritual themes of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany and takes the reader from the first days of a new Christian year to the feast of Candlemas on February 2nd.

Be A Better Leader Published By SPCK

Be A Better Leader

Personality Type and Difference in Ministry

by Graham Osborne

A significant amount of stress is experienced by Christian leaders. This book will help them to focus on those aspects of their work that are energising and life-giving.

Becoming Christlike Published By SPCK

Becoming Christlike

by Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis is passionate about the Bible's message that God has a plan that centers on Jesus and includes each one of us. In this accessible and helpful book, he offers radical—sometimes challenging—teaching, practical wisdom, and warm reassurance for readers who want to become like Christ.

Beginning Again on the Christian Journey Published By SPCK

Beginning Again on the Christian Journey

by John Pritchard

A book of practical help and encouragement for anyone looking for a new start in their spiritual journey or wanting to take that journey further for the first time.

Being a Chaplain Published By SPCK

Being a Chaplain

by Miranda Threlfall-Holmes

Against the negative stereotypes, this book argues that chaplains are a valuable resource to the Church. Embedded in places as diverse as prisons, hospitals, educational establishments and the armed forces, their experiences and expertise can be very helpful for thinking about ministry, ecclesiology and the engagement with contemporary society.

Beloved Published By SPCK


Be free. Be full. Be fierce.

by Rachel Gardner

"I hope that reading this book will help you to wake up to God's love in fresh, even unexpected, ways. This is your one, wild life. The only way to live well in love is to let God love you, and others through you. Don’t settle for being defined by glamor, social media status, or anything else. You are worth so, so, so much more."

Black Notebook Published By SPCK

Black Notebook


Hardbound with rounded corners and an elastic enclosure, this 256-page notebook has colored endpapers and a ribbon marker. The paper is white, crisp and 90 gsm. There are 32 lines to the page, ruled at 5 mm apart.

Bob Hartman's Rhyming Bible Published By SPCK

Bob Hartman's Rhyming Bible

by Bob Hartman

Internationally acclaimed storyteller and best-selling children's author Bob Hartman re-tells classic Bible stories in rhyme. Featuring popular tales from the Old and New Testaments, Hartman's fresh take on these well-loved stories are a joy to read aloud with any child and also lend themselves to be used in any storytelling setting with children.