Storytelling Published By IVP UK


Sharing The Gospel With Passion And Power

by Martin Goldsmith

Full of colorful stories from a lifetime of sharing the gospel, this book shows us how to use the power of stories to communicate gospel truths. Martin Goldsmith demonstrates how the Bible teaches its theology through story, giving us a deeper understanding of how we can reach others and teach real and significant truths in an enthralling way.

Stress Published By IVP UK


The Path To Peace

by Simon Vibert

We're stressed out, but God isn't. He knows the end from the beginning and all things are under his wise and sovereign control. In this book, Simon Vibert shares his conviction that it is only by realigning our desires and purposes with God's good plans that we can ultimately know relief from underlying stress.

Tackling Mental Illness Together Published By IVP UK

Tackling Mental Illness Together

A Biblical And Practical Approach

by Alan Thomas

This book offers a biblical framework for understanding mental illness and helping the mentally ill. It synthesises biblical material with scientific understanding of mental illness and equips the reader to deal wisely, intelligently, and compassionately with issues of mental health in churches and the community.

Temple Theology Published By SPCK

Temple Theology

by Margaret Barker

Margaret Barker believes that Christianity developed so quickly because it was a return to far older faith—far older than the Greek culture that is long-held to have influenced Christianity. Temple Theology explains that the preaching of the gospel and the early Christian faith grew out of the centuries' old Hebrew longing for God's original Temple.

Tensions in Christian Ethics Published By SPCK

Tensions in Christian Ethics

An Introduction

by Malcolm Brown

The book's purpose is to introduce the reader to questions in Christian ethics through a careful examination of the fundamental meta-ethical questions posed by the "state we're in," whether understood as a new phase of modernity or as postmodernity.

The Amazing Cross Published By IVP UK

The Amazing Cross

Transforming Lives Today

by Elizabeth McQuoid and Jeremy McQuoid

The cross of Christ is at the heart of Christianity. It is a place of pain and horror, wonder and beauty—all at the same time. It is the place where our sin collided gloriously with God's grace. In this book Jeremy and Elizabeth McQuoid offer a clear, refreshing and challenging look at what difference the cross of Christ makes for all of us.

The Art of Healing Prayer Published By SPCK

The Art of Healing Prayer

by Charles Ringma and Mary Dickau

In The Art of Healing Prayer, Charles Ringma and Mary Dickau invite us to enter the realm of God's curative love to aid those seeking the wholeness of Christ. Although often carried out behind the scenes of much of the Church's activity, the healing ministry is one of joy and transformation.

The Art of Lent Published By SPCK

The Art of Lent

A Painting a Day from Ash Wednesday to Easter

by Sister Wendy Beckett

This delightful book describes and interprets a series of paintings for each day of Lent. Artists often address subjects that our culture seeks to avoid, and Sister Wendy's brilliant and perceptive reflections will help you to read these paintings with a more discerning eye and encounter deeper levels of spiritual meaning than may at first appear.

The Awesome Journey Published By SPCK

The Awesome Journey

by David Adam

Drawing on a lifetime of Christian pilgrimage, David Adam reflects on biblical encounters with the divine and offers profound insights—on grief and glory, emptiness and fulfillment; repentance and forgiveness; loving and being loved—that will transform the way we live, and the way we relate to God.

The Beauty and the Horror Published By SPCK

The Beauty and the Horror

Searching For God In A Suffering World

by Richard Harries

Although we can all give meaning to our lives by trying to live well, is there some given meaning to be discovered? Richard Harries shares an in-depth discussion of the nature of evil and how this is to be reconciled with a loving God. He argues that belief in the resurrection and hope in the face of death is fundamental to faith, and suggests that we must all, believer and nonbeliever alike, protest against the world and seek to change it rather than accept it as it is.