Holy Bible: New Living Translation Premier Edition Published By SPCK

Holy Bible: New Living Translation Premier Edition

NLT Anglicized Text Version


The New Living Translation is an authoritative version of Scripture, rendered faithfully into today's English. This translation renders words and phrases as simply and literally as possible, while adopting a more dynamic approach when the literal English equivalent would be too archaic for readers to fully understand. The result is a translation that is both exegetically accurate and idiomatically powerful.

Out of Control Published By SPCK

Out of Control

Couples, Conflict and the Capacity for Change

by Natalie Collins

Rooted in theological insight and thoroughly practical, this book will explore what domestic abuse is, why it is perpetrated and the impact it has on children and adults. Filled with case studies, including Natalie's own story of abuse, the book will offer a valuable insight into various abusive behavioral traits and provide some pointers as to how we can address it, both as individuals and as a church community.

The Message of Discipleship Published By SPCK

The Message of Discipleship

Authentic Followers of Jesus in Today's World

by Peter Morden

Soon after Jesus began his public ministry, he called his first “disciples”. He would teach and train them and then, after his death and resurrection, commission and empower them to go to the “nations” to make more “followers” of himself. Peter Morden explores the foundations, the resources, and the practice of discipleship, from a range of Old and New Testament texts, giving a well-rounded and satisfying picture of Christian discipleship.

Looking Shame in the Eye Published By SPCK

Looking Shame in the Eye

A Path to Understanding, Grace and Freedom

by Simon Cozens

What is shame and where does it come from? How can we break free and help others held in its vice-like grip? And what is the gospel when shame is the problem? Shame, humiliation and stigma are all around us. This book helps Christians to introduce 'shame thinking' into their own lives and it shows how God's freedom can release anyone suffering from the debilitating grip of shame.

1 Thessalonians Published By SPCK

1 Thessalonians

30-Day Devotional

by J. Alec Motyer
With Elizabeth McQuoid

As we spend 30 days in 1 Thessalonians with Alec Motyer, we hear the timeless encouragement to "keep on keeping on." Paul writes to the new believers to explain misunderstandings about the second coming, to urge the Christians to live well in community, and to give further instructions about godly living, all the while encouraging them to press on in holiness in spite of opposition.

100% Christianity Published By SPCK

100% Christianity

How The Gospel Changes Everything

by Jago Wynne

What does it look like when our minds are fully gripped with the gospel, our hearts wholly warmed by passion for Christ, and our wills totally devoted to following Jesus in all of life? Jago Wynne paints a compelling picture and offers help for living an intellectually rigorous, wholeheartedly passionate, and completely devoted life for Jesus.

16 and a Half Ways to Upgrade Your Faith Published By SPCK

16 and a Half Ways to Upgrade Your Faith

by Bob Wallington

This book includes clear, engaging and practical wisdom for young people on ways to keep their Christian faith alive after the highs of a spiritual retreat or convention. In 16 ½ Way to Upgrade Your Faith youth pastor Bob Wallington instructs you on how you can make your faith come alive once you're back into the regular routine of school, homework and church on Sundays.

2 Timothy Published By SPCK

2 Timothy

30 Day Devotional

by Michael Baughen
With Elizabeth McQuoid

As we spend 30 days in 2 Timothy with Michael Baughen, we focus on Paul's final words. He uses his farewell message to urge Timothy to maintain his focus on the fundamentals of the faith. This intensely personal letter allows us to hear Paul's last words and ask ourselves about the legacy that we will one day leave to others.

A Better Story Published By SPCK

A Better Story

God, Sex And Human Flourishing

by Glynn Harrison

If Christians still believe they have have good news in the sphere of sexual ethics, then two big tasks lie ahead. Our first priority is to work out what has gone so badly wrong. And then we must offer a better story, one that fires the imagination with such force that people will say, 'I want that to be true.' This book offers a confident, biblically rooted moral vision which needs to be shared with prayer and courage.

A Celtic Liturgy Published By SPCK

A Celtic Liturgy

by Pat Robson

This compact liturgy provides alternative services and prayers for many occasions. It includes: Prayers before Worship; Early Morning Prayer; Morning Prayer; Evening Prayer; Night Prayer; A Service of Marriage; In Praise of Creation; A Funeral Service; A Service of Healing; Prayers of Intercession; A Celtic Calendar of the Lives of the Saints; Selected Psalms, and an Historical Overview.