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Strategic Initiatives in Evangelical Theology

Strategic Initiatives in Evangelical Theology is a series of seminal works of scholarship that has strategic relevance for both evangelical scholarship and the evangelical church. The series aims to foster interaction within the broader evangelical community and advance discussion in the wider academic community around emerging, current, groundbreaking or controversial subjects. It also provides ...

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Studies in Christian Doctrine and Scripture

Studies in Christian Doctrine and Scripture, edited by Daniel J. Treier and Kevin J. Vanhoozer, promotes evangelical contributions to systematic theology, seeking fresh understanding of Christian doctrine through creatively faithful engagement with Scripture in dialogue with church tradition. Volumes in SCDS explore the synergy between Scripture and contemporary issues, rooted in the classic evangelical ...

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Studies in Theology and the Arts Series

IVP Academic's Studies in Theology and the Arts (STA) series seeks to enable Christians to reflect more deeply upon the relationship between their faith and humanity's artistic and cultural expressions. By drawing on the insights of both academic theologians and artistic practitioners, this series encourages thoughtful engagement with and critical discernment of the full variety of artistic media—including ...

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The Lost World Series

There are some historical or biblical issues that are inherently controversial—which is why they remain issues of debate. The books in the Lost World Series follow the pattern set by Bible scholar John H. Walton as they bring a fresh, close reading of the Hebrew text to an accessible discussion of the topic at hand. Addressed through propositions that move the reader through a logical sequence ...

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Wheaton Theology Conference Series

Since 1992, the Wheaton Theology Conference at Wheaton College has enabled Christian wisdom and reflection to be heard on a range of issues relevant to both current theological scholarship and the contemporary church. InterVarsity Press has cosponsored the theology conference since its inception, and it has regularly published an edited volume based on the conference lectures. With the Wheaton ...