We hope to answer all of your IVP Book Club questions below. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, please feel free to call our customer service department at 800-843-9487, option 2, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. CST, or email us at bookclub@ivpress.com.

How do I sign in for the first time?

If you're signing in for the first time, you'll use your preset username and temporary preset password. Your preset username is your account number found on your order card or statement. Your temporary preset password is "ivp" followed by your 5 digit zipcode (for example: ivp12345). In order to protect your account security, this preset password will only work one time. Once you're signed in, you'll need to update your password to something of your choosing, and you can update your username as well if you'd like.

How do I skip this month’s Main Selections?

After you sign in, go select Modify Order under the IVP Book Club tab. Select “Cancel Items” and decide which Main Selections you’d like to receive. All the available Mains will be selected by default. Check the box(es) for any you do NOT want, then confirm cancellation. If you want both Main Selections, you do not need to take any action.

What if I only want one title from a double-title Main Selection?

Click Modify Order and select "change item quantities." 

Can I get my Main Selection shipped before the reply-by date?

Yes! Click Modify Order and select "change shipping date."

How do I add titles to my order?

Your Main Selection decision and additional purchases require two separate steps – we hope to change that in the near future. Until then, make your Main Selection decision, then use the search bar to find and add titles to your cart. Use the promo code printed on your Digest to ensure you get the special offers featured in this month’s Digest. You’ll always get 30% off when you sign into your IVP Book Club account.

What if I forgot to respond before the reply-by date?

If you want to receive the Main Selection and nothing else, you don't have to do anything. If you meant to skip this month's selection or order additional titles, click Modify Order and check the ship date. If the date is still in the future, you can skip or modify your order. If you've missed the date and don't want the Main Selections, call customer service for assistance. If you receive an unexpected shipment, you can write "refused" on the unopened package and put it back in your mailbox. The post office will return the package to IVP, and we'll credit your account when we receive the package.

What if I change my mind about a title I received?

If you haven't opened the package, write "refused" on the unopened package and put it back in your mailbox. IVP will credit your account when we receive the package. If you've already opened the package, repack it securely, making sure to include your account number, and send it back to IVP. When we receive the package, we'll credit your account for the books, but you will be responsible to pay for the return shipping.

What are the shipping costs for IVP Book Club members? 

Online US orders get free shipping when the total is $45 or more with no rush delivery. Otherwise shipping is determined by weight, location, and method. You'll be able to review your shipping costs before you check out.

How quickly will my books be shipped?

Click Modify Order and look at the shipping date. If you'd like your book earlier or later, select "shipping date" and adjust it. Books will be delivered within one week of the ship date.

What if I need my books in a hurry?

Select "expedited shipping" when you get to the Shipping Options phase. If you have a specific request, call customer service for assistance.

What if I live outside the USA?

We're sorry, but the IVP Book Club membership is available only to those with USA billing/shipping addresses. If you live outside the USA, you may still buy our books through ivpress.com or one of our distributors. Please visit our International Customers page for specific help for your region. You can always buy our ebooks and save on shipping.

How can I pay my account balance?

Select View Open Invoices from the IVP Book Club menu dropdown, or go to My Account and select "open invoices" under View My Activity.

What else can I do at My Account?

Sign in to ivpress.com to perform the following actions:

What if I forget my IVP password?

Go to the Sign In screen and select "Lost your password."