Bicycle Hills
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Bicycle Hills

How One Halloween Almost Got Out of Hand

The Spirit Flyer Series

Book 4

by John E. Bibee

Bicycle Hills
  • Length: 201 pages
  • Published: June 1989
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-1203-5
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  • Named a 1989 Lewis Honor Book by Christian Home School

Uncle Bunkie, the clown, had every kid in Centerville buzzing. A new amusement park had opened just outside of town—Bicycle Hills. There were all kinds of games for anyone who wanted to have fun on a bike.

There were other games too, like Caves and Cobras—games the children weren't supposed to tell their parents about. But as Halloween approached, children and adults began to wonder if the fun of pretending was getting out of hand.

Once again John Bibee spins a fascinating tale as the magic of Spirit Flyer bicycles confronts mysterious forces trying to take over Centerville.


1. New in Town
2. The Burning Bike
3. A Visit to the Kingdom
4. Bicycle Hills
5. The Walls Go Up
6. Left Out
7. The Warning
8. Inside the Factory
9. Dr. Burke
10. Through the Window
11. The Cobramaze
12. Hidden Treasure
13. The Problem with Schoolwork
14. Secret Mission
15. Halloween Night
16. Prisoner!
17. The Bomb
18. The Cobra
19. Out of the Serpent's Mouth
20. The Key and the Kingdom
21. The Long Night
22. Seeking the Kingdom


John Bibee is the author of 8 adventure books in the Spirit Flyer Series and eight mystery books in the Home School Detectives series. Some of his books have been read during children's story hours broadcast on radio stations across the country. Several have also won awards from Christian Home & School magazine. A former grade school teacher, Bibee currently lives and writes in Austin, Texas.

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