Congratulations to the award-winning books of 2010! We're honored to see so many IVP books recognized by the media, bloggers, and general readers.

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Deep Church

A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional

by Jim Belcher
Foreword by Richard J. Mouw

If you feel caught between the traditional church and the emerging church, Jim Belcher's Deep Church forges a third way. He explores and evaluates the proposals of emerging church leaders and paints a picture of what an alternate, deep church looks like--a missional church committed to both tradition and culture, valuing innovation in worship, arts and community, but also creeds and confessions.


God Is Great, God Is Good

Why Believing in God Is Reasonable and Responsible

Edited by William Lane Craig and Chad Meister

In this magisterial collection, the contemporary complaints against belief in God are addressed with intellectual passion and rigor by some of the most astute theological and philosophical minds of the day. Including an interview by Gary Habermas with noted convert to theism Antony Flew, and a direct critical response to Richard Dawkins's God Delusion by Alvin Plantinga, God Is Great, God Is Good offers convincing and compelling reassurance that though the world has changed, God has not.


Love Is an Orientation

Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community

by Andrew Marin
Foreword by Brian McLaren

When three of Andrew Marin's friends came out to him in the span of three months, he was confronted head-on with the question of how to reconcile his friends with his faith. Love Is an Orientation is the result of years of wrestling with this issue. In the book, Marin speaks out with compassion and conviction, elevating the conversation between Christianity and the GLBT community so that the focus is moved from genetics to gospel, where it really belongs.


Social Justice Handbook

Small Steps for a Better World

BridgeLeader Books

by Mae Elise Cannon
Foreword by John M. Perkins

Mae Elise Cannon provides a comprehensive resource for Christians like you who are committed to social justice. She presents biblical rationale for justice and explains a variety of Christian approaches to doing justice. A wide-ranging catalog of topics and issues give background info about justice issues at home and abroad and give you the tools you need to take action.