Real Faith in a Phony, Superficial World

by Chad Young

  • Length: 198 pages
  • Published: July 15, 2011
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-5605-3
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"All you Christians are just a bunch of hypocrites!"

Unfortunately comments like this and the deep passionate emotion behind them define today's postmodern culture. Truth is, according to a recent study by the Barna group, the number one reason for rejecting Christianity is a lack of authentic Christians among peers. Meanwhile, we are so busy "being" Christians and "doing" Christian activities in our churches that we are not relating to people on a meaningful, authentic way.

Author Chad Young writes as someone who has struggled with a worldly lifestyle and also the distractions of living in such a busy culture. Through real-life stories and raw honesty, Young unpacks some of the key things he's learned so far about being a real Christian to help you overcome obstacles and travel well on the road toward authentic Christian faith.


Introduction: We Have a Problem

Part 1: The Great Commandment: Love God
1. Don't Drink and Mountain Climb
2. Real Relationships Take Time
3. Striking It Rich!
4. A Conversation with the Creator

Part 2: The Second Great Commandment: Love Others As Yourself
5. An Epic Fireworks Battle
6. Living in a Ditch
7. Roadblocks
8. Sometimes the Bedbugs Bite

Part 3: The Great Commission: Make Disciples of All Nations
9. Dancing with a Black Bear
10. Just Talkin' About Jesus
11. Please Help Me!
12. The Right Pit Crew
13. A Trip Around the World

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Chad Young is an alum of Clemson University and Georgia Tech, and after working in the paper industry for six years, he went into full-time ministry. He's been on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ for nine years and serves as director for the South Carolina Lowcountry with a scope of 25 college campuses and 70,000 students. He has also written a discipleship training manual and is a frequent speaker for retreats and confrences. His passion is helping students learn what an authentic relationship with Christ looks like.

BY Chad Young