All the Ideas Living in My Head

All the Ideas Living in My Head

One Guy's Musings About Truth

One Guy's Head Series

by Don Everts

All the Ideas Living in My Head
  • Length: 75 pages
  • Published: December 13, 2007
  •  Discontinued
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-3611-6
  • Item Code: 3611
  • Case Quantity: 120

A bunch of ideas are running around in Don Everts's head. Some are permanent residents. Others are visitors, just passing through. When they all get together, some odd things start happening.

It's one thing when the idea Girls Are Kind Of Icky gets challenged by Girls Can Be Pretty Darned Interesting. But it gets more complicated when The Old Man Clutching The Big Black Bible meets Higher Criticism. Or when You Are Not Loveable tries to drown out the voice of God Loves You.

In this tour of Don's head, you get a glimpse of how we make sense of ideas and how we decide which ones should live with us. We're introduced to back-door ideas like Pain Is Bad, secret ideas like Lighter Skin Implies Higher Intelligence, and sexy ideas like Shiny Happy Globalization. How do we determine what ideas win out? Which ideas should get to stay, and who should get kicked out of the house?

If you want to think deeper, don't seem to fit into either modern or postmodern thinking, or are curious to see how other people think, this book is for you.

Doug Hayes, Youth Worker Journal, July/August 2008

His introductory title gives us a cocktail party tour of the characters that inhabit Everts's thoughts. With Don Miller-like innocence, Everts "aw shucks" his way through a set of sometimes parallel, sometimes perpendicular ideas, all with names, accents, and varying intensity of opinion. There is something helpful to Everts's framework that reminds us of hos thoughts affect us.

Chris Ridgeway, Jesus Creed, February 26, 2008


introduction: my head
1 thinking about thinking about thinking
2 welcome to the house of living ideas
3 hanging out in the living room
4 a menu of common flavors
5 frequently asked questions
6 on having been given a head
conclusion: your head

Don Everts

Don Everts is reluctant to call himself an evangelist, but for decades he has found himself talking about Jesus with all sorts of skeptical and curious people. He is a writer for Lutheran Hour Ministries and teaching pastor at Bonhomme Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, Missouri. He has also been a speaker and trainer for Alpha and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. His many books include Jesus with Dirty Feet, I Once Was Lost, The Reluctant Witness, and The Spiritually Vibrant Home.

He and his wife, Wendy, live in a neighborhood founded over two hundred years ago that now has two public schools, four churches, one mosque, one Hindu temple, and both a Costco and a Walmart. 

BY Don Everts