• Theology of Mission

    Theology of Mission

    A Believers Church Perspective

    by John Howard Yoder
    Edited by Gayle Gerber Koontz and Andy Alexis-Baker

    John Howard Yoder, author of The Politics of Jesus, was best known for his writing on Christian pacifism. This volume—based on lectures recorded in 1973—shows he was a profound missiologist as well. Yoder weaves together biblical, theological, practical and interreligious reflections to think about mission beyond Christendom.

  • Clouds of Witnesses

    Clouds of Witnesses

    Christian Voices from Africa and Asia

    by Mark A. Noll and Carolyn Nystrom

    In seventeen inspiring narratives Mark Noll and Carolyn Nystrom introduce a new and robust company of saints that has left a lasting imprint on the new Christian heartlands of Africa and Asia. Spanning a century, from the 1880s to the 1980s, their stories demonstrate the vitality of the Christian faith in a diversity of contexts.

  • Dictionary of Mission Theology

    Dictionary of Mission Theology

    Evangelical Foundations

    Edited by John Corrie
    Consulting Editor Samuel Escobar and Wilbert R. Shenk
    Associate Editor Juan F. Martinez and Simon Chan

    The Dictionary of Mission Theology is the first reference book of its kind to reflect the new world of decentralized mission. With the majority of its 160-plus articles written by contributors from the Majority World, it reflects a variety of global contexts. A book for all those interested in missions.

  • Global Dictionary of Theology

    Global Dictionary of Theology

    A Resource for the Worldwide Church

    Edited by William A. Dyrness and Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen
    Associate Editor Juan F. Martinez and Simon Chan

    William A. Dyrness, Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, Juan F. Martinez and Simon Chan edit approximately 250 articles written by over 100 contributors representing the global spectrum of theological perspectives.

  • Introducing Christian Mission Today

    Introducing Christian Mission Today

    Scripture, History and Issues

    by Michael W. Goheen

    Michael Goheen gives us a full-scale introduction to mission studies today in its biblical, theological and historical dimensions. Goheen covers the full horizon of major issues in mission, including its global, urban and holistic contexts. This text shows how the missional church encounters the pluralism of Western culture and global religions.

  • GlobalChurch


    Reshaping Our Conversations, Renewing Our Mission, Revitalizing Our Churches

    by Graham Hill
    Foreword by Scot McKnight

    The missional church conversation has focused almost exclusively on Western thought at the expense of hearing the voices of the global church. In this important book, Graham Hill explores the missional themes and ideas of 103 indigenous and majority world Christians. The future of the global church—including the churches of the West—exists in these global exchanges.

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