Within the bounds of the InterVarsity basis of faith, and guided by the purposes and vision statement of InterVarsity and the goals of InterVarsity Press, the editorial department of InterVarsity Press seeks to acquire, develop, and produce products that . . .

Reflect Christ as Lord in All of Life

Since Christ is King of all created reality, IVP will publish on the broadest possible range of topics expressing how Christ is Lord in each aspect of life.

Are Audience-Oriented

It is not sufficient to hold the truth. Truth must be communicated effectively. Likewise, the truth in an InterVarsity Press publication is to be communicated to the intended audience for that book in a way that it can be understood and acted upon. This involves contextualizing the message of each publication to achieve the most appropriate response from the intended audience.

Develop People in Christlikeness

While being audience oriented, our books must reach more than those who already agree with and live out what is advocated in any given book ("the already converted"). We want to help people grow, change, move (whether in small steps or large) toward the image of Christ as a result of reading our publications. Thus we seek to reach those who do not know Christ and help those who do to grow in Christlikeness.

Exhibit High Standards of Quality

The thinking, the organization, the writing, the editing, and the proofreading of every manuscript should reflect high standards appropriate to each book and to the intended audience.

Have Integrity

Integrity is important in two ways. First, the quality and character of an author's life should match the content of the author's book. Second, the message of the author's book should not promote any cause or position which was not the author's intent to advocate in writing the book.

Are Responsibly Biblical

Every manuscript must respect the authority of Scripture, be consistent with a biblical worldview, and be soundly defensible from Scripture.

Are Consistent with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

As a division of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, InterVarsity Press publishes to meet the purposes, vision, and needs of the campus ministry. As the July 29, 1966, InterVarsity board statement recognizes, distribution of our products "to every segment of society is appropriate, provided such distribution does not hinder the primary ministry to IVCF constituents." Thus while our books have risen out of the ethos of InterVarsity as a whole, they have had a legitimate and significant place of ministry well beyond the campus context and should continue to do so as we share with the church at large the good God has given us.

Are Broadly Evangelical

As a division of an interdenominational ministry, InterVarsity Press does not emphasize or exclusively advocate positions of one denomination, theology, or interest-group over another. Rather, recognizing that Christians equally committed to the Bible disagree on various topics, we publish across a range of evangelical positions. This intentional openness arises historically out of taking seriously InterVarsity's mission field—the university—which embodies a spirit of liberality that has traditionally characterized the search for truth while also encouraging sound reasoning and fair persuasion. In the case of InterVarsity Press, the Bible remains our standard while we humbly acknowledge our human limitations in understanding and applying it.

Are Prophetic

The large majority of our publications will represent what most evangelicals can readily adhere to. There will be occasions, however, when Christians will need to speak a corrective biblical word to society or to the church at large. InterVarsity Press may find itself in a position to do this, as it has in the past, keeping in mind both Paul's mandate to speak the truth in love and the fact that our publications or InterVarsity Press itself is not above correction from the body. Indeed we desire serious interaction by society and the church with everything we produce.

Are Financially Viable

We are concerned that IVP as a whole operate "in the black." But because money should not be the only factor in deciding what to publish, we will occasionally publish individual titles because our ministry calls for it even though we do not expect them to be financially viable on their own.

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