A Beginner's Guide to Crossing Cultures alt

A Beginner's Guide to Crossing Cultures

Making Friends in a Multicultural World

by Patty Lane

A Beginner's Guide to Crossing Cultures
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  • Published: August 20, 2009
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The global village has arrived.

Recent census figures show that communities in the United States are more culturally and ethnically diverse than ever before. And you may be just one of many who find it challenging to build relationships with people from backgrounds unlike your own.

  • How do you befriend an international student or a new coworker from a different country?
  • What can you expect when your church building is shared with a congregation from another cultural group?
  • Why are your words and actions sometimes misinterpreted by others?

Crosscultural specialist Patty Lane answers these questions and more. She shows you how to develop hands-on relational skills that build crosscultural friendships. And she provides practical resources to help you navigate multicultural environments with sensitivity and savvy. Filled with vivid stories of real-life situations, her helpful guidebook explains frequently misunderstood aspects of culture, debunks stereotypes and suggests ways to resolve crosscultural conflicts. Above all, Lane demonstrates God's heart for building bridges across cultures and shows how you can reach out to people of every nation, culture and ethnicity.

Whether you are actively ministering to people of different cultural backgrounds, traveling to other countries for your business or simply want to make friends across cultural lines, this engaging handbook is a perfect introduction to the journey.




Part 1: Introducing Culture
1. What Is Our Cultural Landscape?
2. Do You Understand Your Own Culture?

Part 2: Six Lenses for Understanding Cultural Differences
3. Where Are We? The Importance of Context
4. What Drives Us? The Value of Activity
5. Who's in Charge? The Influence of Authority
6. Who Am I? The Source of Identity
7. When Do We Start? Our Sense of Time
8. What's Really Real? Difference in Worldviews

Part 3: Building Relationships in a Multicultural World
9. How Do You Resolve Conflict?
10. God's Heart for Crosscultural Relationships
11. Putting It All Together
12. Just the Beginning

Appendix A: Old Testament Scripture References: Stranger, Alien

Appendix B: Culture/Feature Chart

Appendix C: Preparing to Share Your Faith Across Cultures

Appendix D: Preparing to Minister Within a Diverse Community

Appendix E: How Does Culture Influence Your Values?

Appendix F: Building Intercultural Relationships

Appendix G: Checklist for Intercultural Church Relationships



Suggested Reading

Patty Lane

Patty Lane is director of the office of intercultural initiatives for the Baptist General Convention of Texas, based in Dallas. Experienced in working with more than twenty different language and culture groups, she regularly conducts seminars and workshops to help churches minister in multicultural settings.