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  • Summoned


    Stepping Up to Live and Lead with Jesus

    by Daniel Allen Jr.
    Foreword by Hugh Halter

    In this honest guide meant for young men and those who mentor them, leadership coach Daniel Allen shares how we can thrive in our faith, vocation and relationships. Including a four-session study guide, this book gives practical, real-life advice for shaping a godly view of manhood, building character and growing in spiritual practices and leadership.

    Number of Studies: 4

  • A Little Primer on Humble Apologetics

    A Little Primer on Humble Apologetics

    by James W. Sire

    We've all felt the tension. An opportunity to speak for Christ comes up, and either we jump in with both barrels blasting or we cower in the corner and say nothing. Is there a better way? Can we learn to speak boldly, yet humbly, about our faith in Christ? Jim Sire offers a little primer on understanding the nature and limits of apologetics.

  • Good News About Injustice
    audio CD

    Good News About Injustice

    A Witness of Courage in a Hurting World

    by Gary A. Haugen

    In this abridged audio book Gary Haugen offers stories of courageous Christians who have stood up for justice in the face of human trafficking, forced prostitution, racial and religious persecution, and torture. Throughout, he provides concrete guidance on how Christians can rise up to seek justice throughout the world.

  • IVP Booklets
    product set

    IVP Booklets

    IVP Booklets

    IVP booklets offer sensitive, biblical perspectives on today's hottest issues from writers who are often recognized experts in their fields. They're perfect for introducing the basic beliefs and disciplines of Christianity, for overviewing controversial issues, for opening up discussion with those in need of support and counsel, and for using as part of a personal or church-sponsored ministry.

  • Genesis 1-11

    Genesis 1-11

    Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture

    Edited by Andrew Louth

    This ACCS volume on Genesis 1-11 illuminates significant writings by the early church fathers on creation, fall, and redemption as well as on the theological relationship between Adam and Christ. Genesis 1–11 opens up a treasure house of ancient wisdom—allowing these faithful witnesses to speak with eloquence and intellectual acumen to the church today.

  • Mythical Me

    Mythical Me

    Finding Freedom from Constant Comparison

    by Richella Parham

    Do you ever find yourself stuck in the comparison trap? Speaker and author Richella Parham knows what this feels like, often finding herself admiring one person's achievements, someone else's personality, another's skills, yet another's relationships or appearance. While there are no easy answers, Parham helps readers pick up practices that help us walk in the freedom of Christ with confidence in ourselves.

  • product set

    Exploring the Bible Series

    Exploring the Bible Series

    Up to date, reliable, balanced and clearly organized, the volumes of the Exploring the Bible Series make scholarship on the Old and New Testaments accessible to contemporary students and readers.

  • We Speak We Speak

    We Speak

    Proclaiming Truth in an Age of Talk

    by Mike Baker, J. K. Jones, and Jim Probst

    As Christians, we are all called to speak out—in our workplaces, our schools, our neighborhoods. Every believer has a faith testimony compelling us to be Christ's representatives. This devotional-style book, along with its companion DVD, is designed to be an encouragement and support as you identify and add your voice to the chorus.