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  • Revelation


    The IVP New Testament Commentary Series

    by J. Ramsey Michaels

    Most interpretations of Revelation fail to take seriously what John saw and consequently fail to comprehend the value of his vision to Christians of every age. J. Ramsey Michaels strives to restore Revelation to its rightful status as a prophetic letter of testimony--a testimony of striking relevance to the church today.

  • The Dangerous Act of Worship

    The Dangerous Act of Worship

    Living God's Call to Justice

    by Mark Labberton
    Foreword by John Ortberg

    In this prophetic call to the contemporary church, pastor Mark Labberton redefines Christian worship in the language of justice. He calls us away from individualized worship and into worshiping communities that give expression to righteousness, justice and compassion.

  • The Cross and Gendercide

    The Cross and Gendercide

    A Theological Response to Global Violence Against Women and Girls

    by Elizabeth Gerhardt

    Violence against women and girls is a pressing global problem. In this groundbreaking study, Elizabeth Gerhardt proposes a holistic theology of the cross as the basis for a prophetic response by the church to a problem that is not only moral and ethical, but also confessional.

  • Christian Ethics

    Christian Ethics

    Four Views

    Spectrum Multiview Book Series

    Edited by Steve Wilkens

    Steve Wilkens edits a conversation between four major approaches to contemporary ethics in the Christian tradition: virtue, divine command, natural law, and prophetic. This accessible introduction includes contributions by Brad Kallenberg, John Hare, Claire Peterson, and Peter Heltzel.

  • Birmingham Revolution

    Birmingham Revolution

    Martin Luther King Jr.'s Epic Challenge to the Church

    by Edward Gilbreath

    In this timely book, journalist Ed Gilbreath explores the impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Letter from Birmingham Jail" 50 years after its publication, showing its profound implications for the church today. Hear the words of a prophetic Christian voice afresh in our time and place.

  • The Things He Did Published By SPCK

    The Things He Did

    The Story of Holy Week

    by Stephen Cottrell

    Jesus stands in the prophetic tradition of those who embody what they teach. The things he did were carefully planned. And in this riveting book, Stephen Cottrell draws out their political and religious significance as Jesus moves toward his greatest and final act—his death and resurrection.

  • InterVarsity Press author Ed Gilbreath, executive director of communications with the Evangelical Covenant Church and editor at large for Christianity Today, was featured as a part of "The Power of Words"—North Central College's (Naperville, Ill.) week of events commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Gilbreath addressed a crowd of more than 120 students, faculty and local residents Monday evening on the topics presented in his new book Birmingham Revolution: Martin Luther King Jr.'s Epic Challenge to the Church.

  • The Church in Exile

    The Church in Exile

    Living in Hope After Christendom

    by Lee Beach
    Foreword by Walter Brueggemann

    The church in North America today lives in a post-Christian society. Lee Beach helps the people of God today to develop a hopeful and prophetic imagination, a theology responsive to its context, and an exilic identity marked by faithfulness to God's mission in the world.

  • The Theology of the Book of Isaiah

    The Theology of the Book of Isaiah

    by John Goldingay

    What should we make of the sprawling and puzzling book of Isaiah—so layered and complex in its composition? John Goldingay helps us see, hear and understand the grandeur of this prophetic masterpiece among the Prophets as both separate parts and as a whole, clearly tied together with unifying themes.