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  • IVP is grateful for the prophetic voices of our authors who help us faithfully engage with issues of racial justice. It's important for us to read their stories and allow their perspectives to educate and challenge us. Learn from the wisdom in these books as we pursue justice, wholeness, and racial righteousness in our homes, churches, and communities.

  • Letters to a Future Church

    Letters to a Future Church

    Words of Encouragement and Prophetic Appeals

    Edited by Chris Lewis

    The apostle John was commanded by the Spirit to record and send messages to seven churches. What might the Spirit say to our churches today? Chris Lewis and the Epiphaneia Network asked that question and have compiled here the compelling letters of response from voices like Andy Crouch, Ron Sider, Tim Challies, Peter Rollins, Sarah Lance and more.

  • Living Gently in a Violent World

    Living Gently in a Violent World

    The Prophetic Witness of Weakness

    by Stanley Hauerwas and Jean Vanier

    The church has much to learn from an often-overlooked group—those with disabilities. Including a study guide in this expanded edition, Stanley Hauerwas and Jean Vanier shed light on what it means to be human and how we are to live, carefully exploring the contours of a countercultural community marked by radical forms of gentleness, peacemaking, and faithfulness.

  • The Gospel of John

    The Gospel of John

    When Love Comes to Town

    by Paul L. Metzger
    Foreword by Leonard Sweet
    Afterword by Rick McKinley

    In the Resonate series the stories and insights of each book of the Bible are brought into conversation with contemporary voices of hope and lament. In this volume we journey through the Gospel of John with Paul Louis Metzger who wrestles with the question of what happens when God, who is love, comes to town and takes up residence among us.

  • Exploring the Old Testament

    Exploring the Old Testament

    A Guide to the Prophets

    Exploring the Bible Series

    by J. Gordon McConville

    This critically informed and theologically sensitive introduction to the Prophets considers the often-misunderstood prophetic books of the Old Testament, including an exploration of their historical context, their artful use of language, and their place within the chorus of Old Testament voices.

  • Embodied Hope

    Embodied Hope

    A Theological Meditation on Pain and Suffering

    by Kelly M. Kapic

    Kelly M. Kapic meditates on how our suffering—particularly our physical suffering—relates to the Christian faith. This is not a theodicy or a book of easy answers. It is an invitation to reshape our understanding of suffering into the image of Jesus. What we discover is that in Christ and through his church, God displays his deep love and provision for his people.

  • Companions in Suffering

    Companions in Suffering

    Comfort for Times of Loss and Loneliness

    by Wendy Alsup
    Foreword by Trillia J. Newbell

    Have you ever felt emotionally wrung out from an ongoing trial? Though suffering often leaves us feeling isolated, God invites us into the community of the Trinity and offers us many companions in Scripture. Journey in these pages with Wendy Alsup through her story of suffering, and more importantly, with the God who walks with us in the wilderness.

  • Jeremiah, Lamentations

    Jeremiah, Lamentations

    Reformation Commentary on Scripture Series

    Edited by J. Jeffery Tyler

    The prophetic ministry of Jeremiah took place during a chaotic time for the people of Israel. Reflecting on these verses, Reformation commentators heard not only hope for the renewal of Israel, but prophetic promise for the coming of the Messiah. In this RCS volume J. Jeffery Tyler guides readers through a diversity of early modern commentary on the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations.

  • IVP author Jean Vanier has been awarded the Templeton Prize, valued at $1.7 million. Vanier is the author, with Stanley Hauerwas, of Living Gently in a Violent World: The Prophetic Witness of Weakness, and the founder of L'Arche, an international network of communities where people with and without learning disabilities experience life together as fellow human beings who share a mutuality of care and need. Started in 1964, L'Arche, French for "The Ark," now includes 147 communities in 35 nations and 1,500 Faith and Light support groups in 82 nations.

  • Movies Are Prayers

    Movies Are Prayers

    How Films Voice Our Deepest Longings

    by Josh Larsen
    Foreword by Matt Zoller Seitz

    Movies do more than tell a good story. Filmspotting co-host Josh Larsen brings a critic's unique perspective to how movies can act as prayers—expressing lament, praise, joy, confession, and more. When words fail, the perfect film might be just what you need to jump-start your conversations with the Almighty.